Thursday, November 23, 2006

6AM - MsTioga had a Catastastoke.
MsTioga woke up this morning and had a catastastroke (giant thought). What if we would be able to go to the Yesterday or Tomorrow posts just by clicking? Hmmmm?

Try it by clicking the Yesterday/Tomorrow links at the very bottom of today's post, OK?

PS: MsTioga, Jorge and the entire Team wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

9AM - Chapter 13 in "Behind the Scenes."
Would you like to read our new Chapter 13 "Choosing My Life?" We just published this page.

Click on our "Home" link at the bottom of this blog, and then on the Picture/Link titled, "Behind the Scenes."

11AM - Making Money in Mexico!
A few days ago Google's AdSense came out with a new program which lets advertisers find our webpages easily to see if they would like to put their ads there. More advertisers wanting to advertise on our webpages means more money per click! We love that!

So, this morning Ms. GQ and Jorge have been filling out the Google AdSense form that will get us on this fantastic new program!

We absolutely love working at this stuff. We are here in Mexico, at our home in Cachania. Our lovely cactus garden is just outside. The gorgeous Sea of Cortez is below with its beautiful view. And, we are earning money too! Man-O-Man!

1PM - Work is a part time job.

At least when you work on the Tioga and Jorge Team it is. It doesn't matter how much work we do, as long as everyday we do a little.

Take the weeds in the garden, for example. Jorge uses the machete on those wicked weeds for less than 10 minutes a day. Those weeds are doomed.

Maybe this coming Sunday, Chito will walk over, look at the cleared weeds and say, "Mucho trabajo!" (a lot of work). We will thank Chito for the compliment. Won't mention the "less than 10 minutes a day" thing though.

5:30PM - Tercos Pollito.
We decided to go to El Centro for supper. It is Thanksgiving Day, and we on The Team have a great deal for which to be thankful. Tercos El Pollito is the restaurante we chose. It is fancy by Santa Rosalia standard, with waiters and even a TV usually tuned to fĂștbol or an HBO movie with subtitles. We like that.

On the way to El Centro, we stopped to say hello to our buddy, Lassie The Dog. Although Lassie appears to be really mean, he is actually the friendliest doggie. Lassie does not know how big he is, however, and may jump up and bowl you over!

Tercos Pollito had about a 1/3 of their tables with customers. We sat in front of the TV, and a movie with Spanish subtitles began. Jorge wrote down words to learn in his tiny notebook. The 1/2 BBQ chicken is the specialty of Tercos, and that is our order.

7PM - Walking around town.
After supper, Little Mavicito and Jorge walked about El Centro. We stopped at the plumbing store to say hello.

Little Mavicito wanted to look at the volleyball game in the gymnasium. There were about 100 people watching the volleyball game. The lady players were very good. One player sent the ball high up toward the rear wall, and it went went cleanly thru a tiny window and out into the street. The fans went crazy, laughing and shouting. So did Jorge.

When we got up the BIG hill, we stopped in at Chito's home. Alejandra (11 years) was at the new computer. Jorge asked if she would like to learn to make internet pages. Alejandra did not seem too excited about this learning event, but she accepted.

After we wrote a small HTML program and displayed it to Alejandra using Internet Explorer, she still was not too thrilled. Jorge mentioned that it was possible to earn money publishing webpages on the internet, and he could show her how. Alejandra apparently is not interested in earning money. She is only 11 years old. Maybe later, when Alejandra is a bit older?


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