Wednesday, November 22, 2006

6AM - Spanish class.
This terrific Spanish course is just like talking to a person here in the Pueblo. Better even. Because every sentence may be replayed until it is understood. This is learning Spanish at its very best.

The plan is to mess around with Instant Spanish early every morning. Pick out a few new words, and play with them during the day. Use them in actual conversations. Pretty neat, huh?

7:30AM - New hose bibb.
Do you remember that we bought a new hose bibb and a hose end at the plumbing store yesterday? Now we are going to install these things over at Chito's.

2:30PM - Homework comes first.

When the chamacos come home from school, there is no playing around. Homework comes first. Alejandra (11), Ana Karen (9) and Victor (7-years old) may moan a bit, but they know that they must do their homework before playing.

Is that how things are with the young people around your home?

Ana Karen has set-up a small table to do her homework, just outside the kitchen building.

3:30PM - Which house repairs to do first?
Jorge needs input to decide which repairs should be done first for Chito and Alty's home. If you are experienced in construction, please write, OK? Little Mavicito has volunteered to take pics of the house, so that you may see them.

If you already have ideas about what should be done first, please write and let us know?

5:30PM - Shopping is part of the day.
Here in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia (nicknamed "Cachania"), shopping is not a chore to be done. It is part of the day. For us on The Team, it is the same. However, many of us who live in Cachania have a practical reason for our daily trip to the market. We cannot carry too much up the BIG hill.

We love the feeling of going shopping daily for our groceries.

7:30 - We are very busy lately!
Several readers have noticed that we are "working" very hard since arriving in Cachania. That is true. We are busy.

However, it does not feel like work, because of where we are and how we live. Do you remember way back in 2003 when we rebuilt our cabover that was damaged by water? We had a great time "working" on that mountain in the State of Washington.


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