Tuesday, November 14, 2006

7:15AM - MsTioga will last forever.
Sometimes a reader will write asking, "When will The Team buy a new RV? " Wise old Mr. Chips commented once, "It's cheaper to keep her. Do you know what payments cost for a new RV?"

We all believe if we keep up with MsTioga's maintenance, she will be fine forever! And that is what Jorge is doing in this pic, replacing discolored molding. Even Little Mavicito and his sidekick TriPod managed to shadow into this one!

10AM - Readers want to help Chito's family.
We have received many emails from readers offering to help Chito's family with donations. This is sooooooooo great! There are many repairs to be made.

The fence is in terrible shape. The storms during September and October caused some fence portions to actually fall down.

Parts of the fence are only standing because Chito has propped it up with pieces of lumber he has found, here and there.

Chito has patched the enclosed area with pieces of corrugated sheet. The sheet covered fence in the pic fell over during a storm, and somehow Chito was able to right it.

The overhanging roof to the tool shed is completely rotten. What a shame for this once fabulous home.

Any donations that you make would go entirely for these repairs and be deposited into the:
Chito Family Help Fund

If you would like to make a donation, a PayPal Donation link may be found at the bottom of this post, OK?

10:30AM - Michel the photographer.
Do you remember our friend, Michel the photographer that we first met at Rancho Boca del Salado near Los Cabos? Well, Michel has just begun his own blog.

Michel is a fascinating guy. An extremely successful photographer for many years, who often lives the life of a vagabond during the year. Other times, Michel is flying all around the world tending to his projects.

Would you like to take a peek at Michel's new blog? Hmmmm? Michel's new images that he created while vagabonding on the Pacific coast of the Baja are really fantastic. Maybe he will share some images on his blog? My favorite image is the one with the pile of stones blocking a dirt road. Ask him in his blog's comments, OK?

11:30AM - Washing rags.
Alty has a laundry sink. We have dirty rags that we use around MsTioga. We decided to launder our rags in Alty's laundry sink. Laundering by hand is hard!

Afterwards, we hung the rags on the clothesline to dry. The rags are still not very clean.

We were wondering if one of the chamacos would be interested in a laundry job?

12:30PM - Microwave is falling down!
We were cleaning up breakfast dishes, when we noticed that the facia of the microwave had a gap! Wow! Just this morning we were talking about MsTioga lasting forever. Hmmmm?

We braced up the microwave into its proper position. Then, the microwave had to be removed. What a job! This microwave was installed not to ever be removed again.

When we looked into the microwave cabinet, we found only two screws into the thin wallboard were holding the whole thing up. Double hmmmmm with sugar on it!

We added (6) screws to the loose side, and for good measure put four more screws into the opposite side of the cabinet.


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