Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7AM - El Jardín.
El Jardín (The Garden) needs much work. There was sooooo much rain in Santa Rosalia during September and October. Everything grew like crazy.

The children; Alejandra, Ana Karen and Victor all worked in el jardín during the year. MsTioga and The Team agreed to pay for this work. But what to give? This morning after the kids have gone to school, we will speak with Nereyeda (their Mom), about what they should receive.


Clearing a path around MsTioga.

12 Noon - Visiting with Poncho.
Little Mavicito and Jorge just got back from spending a couple hours with their friend Poncho. Do you remember him? Poncho worked many years for the copper mine as their accountant. When Poncho retired, the company bought him a house and gave him a pension. Our friend Poncho is doing really good.


Poncho and Jorge.

12:30PM - Raymundo comes to call.
Our friend Raymundo came over to visit with us inside MsTioga. Raymundo works for DIF at the bottom of the hill where we are camped. DIF is similar to Social Services in the USA. Raymundo has a second job as a teacher.

Little Mavicito forgot to take a pic of Raymundo. But we will be seeing Raymundo a lot and won't forget next time.

3:30PM - Water day.
Water is delivered to the family of Chito every other day and Chito has given MsTioga permission to use his long hose to fill her water tank. It is 84°F even this late in the afternoon, and Jorge wants to take a shower.


Filling up MsTioga's water tank.

Fantastic experience living in Mexico.
Have you thought that you would like to give living in Mexico a try? Hmmmm? Even if only for a few weeks? Maybe a month? The big risk is not taking the risk.

Imagine yourself going shopping for groceries at the tienda de abarrotes (grocery store). Buying pastries at the panaderia (bakery). And picking up the freshest tortillas that you will ever eat from the tortilliaria. Man-O-Man!


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