Sunday, November 05, 2006

7AM - Gasoline and water.
MsTioga needs to fill up on gasoline and water before we head out from the City of Guerrero Negro. Since we only use MsTioga's water tank for cleaning, bathing and the toilet, it is not important where we obtain that water. While we were filling up with gasoline at the Pemex, the man showed us where to fill our water tank.

After MsTioga's fill up, we will head out into the desert searching for adventure!

10AM - Hurricane John.
As we headed east across the Baja Peninsula, everybody was looking for signs of the passing of Hurricane John during the first week of September. The desert is soooooo green from all the rain that fell from this storm.


Green desert from Hurricane John rain.

10:30AM - El VizcaĆ­no.
We have made a Camp in the Pueblo of El VizcaĆ­no. Little Mavicito says that we wants to go around the Pueblo and ask people about the storm.

11:00AM - Witnesses to the storm.
A fellow who introduced himself as George drove up in his car with his wife and two children. He told us that it had rained for 20 straight days during Hurricane John. When asked if we could take his pic for our story about the hurricane, George asked for 100 pesos ($10US). Hmmmmm?

We walked over to a nearby grocery store and asked a lady working working there about Hurricane John. We wanted to know if it rained much when the big storm passed in the beginning of September. She replied that there had been no rain. Double hmmmmm?

5PM - Mary & Chet.
We were very happy to meet Reader Mary and her husband Chet, who came to call on MsTioga and The Team. Mary and Chet travel in their Lazy Daze RV, and are heading north after spending some time at the Cabos.

MaryChet11-05-2006 004

Mary & Chet.


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