Saturday, November 18, 2006

7AM - Music in Mexico.
Yesterday we wrote about the Magic of Music in Mexico. However, when the music continued, loud as ever until 3AM. Hmmmmmm?

8AM - Uploading 2003 images.
Jorge and MsGQ are hard at work again this morning. We have streamlined our method of uploading images to our 1&1 servers and have completed work to July 22, 2003!

2PM - Giant Siesta.
Jorge would like you to believe that he has been working soooooooo hard today on uploading the deleted 2003 images. But Little Mavicito shows you what Jorge has actually been up to. Catching up on the sleep that he lost because of the loud fiesta music last nite!

There used to be a bench where Jorge is sleeping, but the board that stretched between two large rocks blew away during the storms. The big rocks now make two boulder seats. Jorge has his feet up on one of these boulders seats.

If you come to visit, maybe you and Jorge may spend some time out sitting on the boulder seats? Hmmmmm?

5:30PM - Fiesta Day Two.
When Little Mavicito and Jorge walked down to El Centro, there was still some daylight. We wondered what would be going on this 2nd Fiesta Day. We were surprised to find that things had not even begun. We asked and were told, "Mas tarde" (later).

We walked over to Mini Super Moreno, a little grocery that always has nice bottles of familiar juice. Very few grocerys stock the brands we know and like. We bought a 96 0z. Tree Top Apple Juice, cost $3.80US.

[Here are scenes of the same fiesta place before things got started [top] and later [bottom] when the Fiesta was going full blast

6:15PM -
Back to MsTioga.
We decided to go back to MsTioga, eat supper and return to Fiesta later. Jorge's legs are getting used to the BIG hill and do not hurt anymore.

On the way back to MsTioga, Little Mavicito took [before] pics of El Centro. When we come back tonite, he will take [after] pics of the same El Centro location. We expect that later this evening these empty places will be packed with Fiesta goers.

The main street thru town was not empty though. It is Saturday nite and that means cruising time in Cachania! The main street thru town is completely backed up with cruisers.

9PM to 11PM - Returned to Fiesta.
And just as expected, the park in El Centro in front of the government building was filled completely with fiesta goers watching the entertainment. There were dancers & singers.

We met many people we know! To the left is a pic of Arturo and his wife Malicha who own Malicha's Fish Tacos.

We also met Nacho from Victor's Restaurante in San Ignacio. And Jose 'Cachi' Sandoval, director of the Boleo Museum. Ana, owner of Super Mercado 'Cachnia' was there with her husband.

We do not know why, but our favorite scene to watch at Fiesta was "Chuyita's Hotdog Cart!" Looking at the customer's first waiting and then eating their hotdogs. Seeing the dogs frying and getting stacked up. And the guys preparing the hot dogs.

Something about Chuyita's gets to Jorge and Little Mavicito. We both stood their for the longest time watching the hotdog action.


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