Sunday, November 19, 2006

7AM - Publishing Fiesta.
We are now publishing the Fiesta Nite Two pics that Little Mavicito took yesterday evening. Jorge could not keep his eyes open when he tried to publish last nite. Jorge says, "You've got to be sharp to tell that Fiesta story!"

Ms. GQ is concerned because our Blog layout is complex lately. Ms. GQ believes that on different browsers and computers, the story of Fiesta Nite Two might look weird. How does it look to you? Hmmmmm? Does Santa Rosalia's Fiesta look weird?

11AM - Jorge's Spanish Lessons.
You may know that Jorge speaks Spanish fairly well. Understanding what others are speaking is a different thing. Understanding comes much harder.

Recently he began an online course in Spanish. Wow! This course is great, because it delivers Spanish lessons online. Two people talk to each other, a man and a woman. The entire conversation may be heard, or each individual sentence. Each sentence is broken down to translation of every word. Every conversation or sentence may be heard, either fast or slow.

Jorge believes that this is exactly what he needed. Spanish is different than English. Hearing a hundred Spanish conversations spoken over and over, as many times as needed, may be just the ticket! And, it only costs $50/year!

Do you want to learn Spanish? Try InstantSpeak Spanish.

4PM - Guess who is going to Fiesta?
If you guessed Jorge is taking Nereyeda and her Chamacos, you are absolutely right! We are going to eat supper down at the Fiesta.

Today, Jorge worked a little in the garden, napped in the garden and worked on computer stuff. Our goal for the deleted 2003 pics is to finish five daily 2003 posts each day. That way in about five weeks, our 2003 archives will be complete again.

The garden is coming along pretty nicely. We make little improvements everyday. This afternoon a few more cactus were transplanted from the pots to the garden. One cactus did not do well in the garden's direct Sun and we removed it.

8PM - Fiesta Last Day.
Three days of this grand and wonderful Fiesta. People have come here from as far away as Ensenada. Why have they come so far to be in this Fiesta?

Little Mavicito and Jorge know why they have come to Fiesta! They want to sit at the tacos stand and order Tacos Carne Asada with that Orange Juice that is sold here. And of course, we are sharing Fiesta with our friends, Nereyeda, Alejandra, Ana Karen and Victor! The tacos were soooooooo good!

After supper, Victor and Ana Karen wanted to go on the rides again.
Actually, so did Jorge, would you believe?! Both Victor and his sister
Ana Karen went on the bucking horse ride. Ana Karen was very excited
to go on the roller coaster once more. She loves that roller coaster. Afterwards, Ana Karen went on a Ferris wheel.

So which ride did Jorge wish to go? The bumper cars! And he went with Victor. Did Jorge let Victor drive? No, he did not! What a Chamaco that Jorge is tonite, because he wanted to drive that bumper car all himself and smash into other bumper cars.

As we all were going back home, Jorge and Victor wanted to eat one of those hot dogs at Chuyita's Salchicha Cart. Man-O-Man! There is nothing like a bacon wrapped hot dog.


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