Thursday, November 09, 2006

8AM - Planting in the garden.
Do you remember all of the little cactus that we brought across the border? Well, today is planting day! It is such a neat thing to be messing around in our garden.

New cactus in our garden.

9AM - Pulling weeds.
There is no hurry to pull the weeds that have sprouted in the garden. It may take a month. Maybe more. We love to pull the weeds, and tend the garden.

Weeding the garden.

10:30AM - Louise and Sean.
Do you know Louise and Sean of Odyssey fame? Hmmmmmm? Well, guess who came to visit MsTioga and The Team?

11AM - Turco's Pollito.
Louise, Sean, Jorge and Little Mavicito went down the hill and into El Centro. We had a wonderful lunch in Terco's Pollito, a restaurant that specializes in BBQ chicken.

Sean, Louise and Jorge at Terco's.

1PM - Looking at Odyssey.
After lunch, we went for a tour of the famous bus/home of Louise and Sean. Odyssey is soooooooo big! You would not believe.

Visiting Louise, Sean and Odyssey.

4:30PM - Ana Karen and Victor.
Every afternoon, Ana Karen and Victor come over to mess around at MsTioga's. Do you remember last year when the two of them baked cookies in MsTioga's kitchen? They have been begging to make cookies again, but we will have to wait for Saturday morning. It is too hot to bake cookies in the afternoons.

In the pics below, Victor plays with his Tasos, little round coins that come with Sabritos (chips). Ana sits with Jorge talking while Victor rakes in the garden.

Ana Karen and Victor with MsTioga.

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