Monday, November 20, 2006

8AM - Wireless for Chito's computer?
We received email from reader Al.

On 17 Nov 2006 at 19:09, Al wrote:
Hi George;
I read that you helped your host set up a new
computer. Have you considered allowing him to connect
to your sattelite network in Miss Tioga?

With proper privacy measures, it would moke a nice
gift during your stay.

George replies:
Dear Al,
I wish that I would have thought of that! Thank you.

Would you believe that I have a "Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter" aboard MsTioga?

However, this morning when I tried to access my Linksys wireless router, I was blocked by a request for User Name & Password. Tried "admin" and it did not work. Tried resetting the router using the pinhole in the rear. Did not help.

11:30AM - Router is working now.
Thanks to the people on Datastorm Users Forum, we now have access to our router. Also, we have installed a wireless adapter into Chito's computer.

However, when we returned to see how the wireless connection is doing between Chito's computer and Mr. Datastorm, the door was locked and everybody is gone?

12:30PM - We love rocks.
There are so many rocks here on the BIG hill. Because there are so many rocks, it is easy not to see them. Everytime we walk back to MsTioga, we pick up some rocks for the garden.

Everybody on The Team believes that the garden looks much better with the rocks. Here is a pic showing rocks in the garden. What do you think?

We do not want to do too much garden work everyday. Too much is not a good thing. A little daily work and a lot of enjoyment of that work, that's what we like. Some may call this resting.

2:30PM - Breakfast.
When is it time for breakfast? We just finished ours. XM Radio is playing Scott Joplin ragtime. It is a perfect day.

How did we come to be living this life of wonder? Did we just happen to find it? Was it an accident? Or did this place of wonder, come to us when we were ready to see it?

5PM - The Ferry.
Reader Kathleen wrote email asking about The Ferry that goes between Santa Rosalia and Guaymas on the mainland. So, Little Mavicito and Jorge decided to take a walk down there get get the lowdown.

Also, Jorge had a special reason for going down the BIG hill. He says that all this going up and down is good exercise. And, he is fitting better into his pants!

7:30PM - Wireless for Chito.
We tried really hard to get Chito's new computer connected to our Mr. Datastorm's wireless router. We worked much of the morning on this project. However, it appears that Mr. Datastorm is a bit too far away for a wireless connection to be made!


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