Wednesday, November 15, 2006

9AM - Our email.
Ms. GQ and Jorge have spent some time this morning answering our email. We love receiving email from you. Often we get behind in our replies. But soon we get caught up and that makes us sooooooo happy!

Earlier this morning we were cleaning MsTioga's exterior some more. MsTioga has a theory that if we clean her outside often, that her fiberglass will get shiny. We continue to apply Vertglas, and MsTioga loves that!

12 Noon - Blogger lost pics for 2003.
It appears as though Mr. Blogger lost all of Tioga & George's pics for the year 2003. We have copies of everything. However, we have those copies in a different location than is shown in our posts. Hmmmm?

This means going into every post and changing the code for every pic. Wow! Ms. GQ believes that she and Jorge will be busy for awhile.

2PM - MsGQ & George.
Keys pounding and fingers flying, MsGQ & George are battling with the forces of poor Mr. Blogger. We have to have some compassion for Mr. Blogger. He is having a very bad day.

Because Blogger is having problems, we have decided to publish the Tioga & George Blog on both our own 1&1 hosted server and on Beta Blogger's Blogspot. This appears fairly easy to do. You should not be affected when tuning in to either address.

In the meantime, we have been going back into our Archives and restoring the missing pics. This is slow going. Pic by pic, and day by day.

4:30PM - Pics restored to May, 2003.
Wow! It takes a long time to take the images off of the CD where they are stored, upload them to our 1&1 webhost, change the coding in the blog and check for errors. It is a good thing that we have been keeping copies of everything! We have no idea why Blogger decided to erase all of our 2003 images. Hmmmmm?

9PM - Quitting for the evening.
Wow! Blogging is getting much harder to do! Blogger is storing our pics on their own servers. We cannot have them do that. So, this means that we have to upload our pics manually, and then configure our posts to show where our pics are stored. Man-O-Man!


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