Friday, November 17, 2006

9AM - Publishing the 2003 missing pics.
MsGQ & Jorge have been working together since 6AM to republish the pics that Blogger deleted from 2003. Wow! This is hard work!

Everything has to be perfect, or Blogger Beta will not publish. For example, if an image name has a space, sometimes Blogger Beta gets really angry and will not publish.

MsTioga says to take it easy, and don't worry how long it takes to republish the missing pics. But Jorge is a stubborn thing, and doesn't want to quit. Hmmmmm?

We have republished the deleted pics to Saturday, July 12, 2003!

12 Noon - Little Mavicito wants to go.
And he wants to go to El Centro of "Cachania" to see the fiesta that goes on until Sunday. Did you know that "Cachania" is the nickname for the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia?

Going to El Centro before siesta time is a good thing. More stores are open now. Little Mavicito especially wants to go to Neto's restaurant for lunch! What a guy!

12:30PM - Going to town.
On the way to town we found our neighbor Poncho on his front porch wrapping a present for one of his daughters who lives in Ensenada. Poncho and his wife Francesca are going to Ensenada for three weeks. They will take the "autobus" instead of driving. Poncho says it is much more comfortable than driving his own car, and he is able to sleep easily during the trip which takes about 12-hours. Only costs $75US for both of them!

Then we headed toward Mariscos Neto's, which is at the west end of El Centro. Of course you know by the name, that Neto's is a fish restaurant. Their motto is very LARGE portions.

Jorge ordered
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (shrimp sauteed with butter and garlic). It is absolutely a wonderful delite! Our waitress is a very nice lady named Lourdes who has been at Neto's for three years.

Only pretty wealthy residents of Cachania are able to eat at Neto's. For example a guy who works in a grocery store will earn about $1US/hour, and about $60US/per six day week. This lunch that costs us $120 pesos ($12US) would be two day's work for him. Grocery workers go to taco stands where a taco costs $10 pesos. So do we usually. But today is fiesta!

3PM - Fiesta is beginning soon!
On the way back to MsTioga, we stopped to see what was going on in front of the government building in El Centro. People told us that a dancing group will be in the town square in a few hours, and that they are very nice to watch. We will go back to watch Fiesta later on.

Town square where a dancing group will perform this afternoon.

6PM - Going to fiesta.
This is Little Mavicito typing at you. In a few minutes we are going to fiesta. I know that I publish a lot of pics of the view from our garden. This evening, it is sooooooo calm. No wind and The Sea of Cortez and the lites of the Pueblo below are wonderful.

I just had to share them with you, OK?

6:30PM - Going with the chamacos.
We decided to ask if the chamacos (kids) would be allowed to go with us to the Fiesta. And Abuelita Alty
(Grandma) gave the OK!

Alejandra wanted to stay and play with the new computer. So Ana Karen and Victor went with us to the Fiesta.

Don't you think that it is always better to go with chamacos to a fiesta?

The kids wanted to do everything at once. First we played "Throw the ring on the Coke bottle." Then both kids went for a ride on a sort of roller coaster in the shape of a snail. Then it was bumper cars. Ana Karen wanted a balloon. We bought ice cream and a bag of churros. What a great time!

A man at the Fiesta with his son asked us in his best English if the rides were like Disneyland. We told him that this Fiesta and the rides were better than Disneyland! And in some ways, it is much better.

10PM - The Magic of music in Mexico.
Here in Mexico, a Fiesta means music. Pretty loud music. That is part of the magic of Mexico. From our home on the big hill inside MsTioga, we hear the music. We love it sooooooo much!


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