Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10:30AM - Jorge's brain nearly locked into neutral.
MsTioga could only her shake her tailpipe in disbelief when Ms. GQ and Jorge stayed up without sleeping for 24-hours messing with our website. At 6AM, Jorge's brain locked into neutral.

Ms. GQ explained this morning that she and Jorge have a new vision driving them. Yesterday and Tomorrow buttons, Calendar Beta and now Categorized Archives are part of that vision.

Wise old Mr. Chips chimed in, "Yes, that is all well and good. But there is more to life than pounding out new Blog features. Such as taking a walk around the block."

12Noon - Porch repair.
Jorge is repairing a minor break in the floor of the porch that was rebuilt last April. One of the boards cracked, and is loose. It is possible to fall thru this cracked board!

Jorge plans the repair.

The broken porch.

The plan is to jack the board into position and secure it in place by gluing shims into the crack.
Shims glued in place.

3:30PM - Going to El Centro.
The laundry needs to be done, and shopping too. So Jorge gathered up the dirty clothes, brought over Chito's shpping cart and loaded up. There were a few bags of garbage which were loaded into the cart too.
MsTioga watches as Jorge and Little Mavicito go to town.

Past the two water tanks, as the road turns to the left, we saw our down hill neighbors just driving into their driveway. We had not met these neighbors. So, we went over to say hello.

We met Armando Romo, his wife Maria Paz and their little dog Bebe. The Romo's have rebuilt their entire home, which was small and now is enclosed inside a new block wall house. We had a very nice conversation about lots of things.

Armando is commandante in the municipal police department, and he just received a new assignment to take charge of the department's force in the Pueblo of San Lucas, south of Santa Rosalia. Maria Paz owns and operates Taqueria Romo here in El Centro. Jorge plans to go there to eat soon.

Maria Paz, Bebe and Armando.

4:30PM - El Centro.
When we were walking up the main street thru El Centro, we came to a new temporary store that had recently opened especially for the Christmas season.
We walked over to Lavanderia Amalia, and instead of doing the wash ourselves, decided to use the laundry service. It costs $50 pesos per wash, dry and fold one load [$4.60 US].

We had never shopped at Super Mercado Alba where Chito is now working. When we arrived, there was Chito restocking the produce. Chito and Jorge are getting to be good friends.

Because we had the shopping cart, we bought a bunch of stuff. Much too heavy to carry all the things we bought up the BIG hill without that cart.

Afterwards, we went over to Super Mercado Cachania, which is owned by our friend Ana Sandoval. She always uses her English when we go there. Jorge asked the butcher for a nice piece of beef in order to prepare a Roast Beast. Apparently people here in Cachania do not make roasts, they are never displayed. We showed the butcher what we wanted, and he cut a nice piece for us.

5:30PM - Our garden.
It was just about sundown when Little Mavicito and Jorge returned to MsTioga. Just enough time to do a little gardening before dark. Jorge knows that it is good to do a little gardening everyday, which in time becomes a lot of gardening.

Jorge was thinking as he was raking up, that it was not a good idea to spend soooooo many days doing nothing but working on our website as he and Ms. GQ had done recently. A little work everyday, like in the garden, is best. What do you think?

6PM - Roast Beast for supper.
It was decided to prepare the Roast Beast for supper tonite. This means that we will not eat supper until almost midnite. It takes a long time to prepare a roast beast the MsTioga way. Jorge likes the meat to almost fall apart. He says that it tastes soooooo good that way.
What we bought today.

Do you see the nice Roast Beast on the table with the rest of our groceries? In a few minutes Jorge will place it in a casserole dish, add water half way up, add seasonings, cover it and put it in the oven at about 300°F. How we will wait until midnite to eat supper, nobody knows?


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