Tuesday, December 19, 2006

10AM - New electric system for Chito's home.
This morning, Barci the electrician and Jorge went over the details of the work to be done. We are very happy to report that an agreement has been reached! Barci will begin to install the new electric system tomorrow!

The work will replace all electric components from the electric meter to where the main breaker panel will be located. The work includes tubing and cables for the branch circuits from this panel. The material cost is $642US and labor is $315US for a total cost of $957US.

Barci is a very respected electric contractor here in Santa Rosalia. He does all of the work for SAPA [water department]. Barci has over 30 years experience in the field.
A handshake seals the deal.

11AM - Singing along the roads of Cachania.
Little Mavicito and Jorge are going down the road to El Centro to buy a fresh cup of orange juice at Jugos & Nieves and read a Mexican newspaper. We both love to walk the roads of Cachania. As we wrote before, the roads are really paths. Probably called roads as an historical remnant, when most roads were actually paths.

But even more wonderful, is to walk these roads in the late afternoon. That is when the evening meal is being prepared inside the homes that we pass. We are able to detect the fragrance of many foods cooking. And even more than that! People are singing. Everywhere there are people singing inside these homes.

Here in Cachania, a poor pueblo by American standards, the people are sooooo happy. They sing to let out their happiness. And Little Mavicito & Jorge are lifted up by this happiness. Tears come to the eyes, we are so happy.

2PM - Where is the hole in the road?
Do you remember last Tuesday that Little Mavicito showed you the terrible hole in the road near our Camp? Yesterday Juan the welder cut the plate to fill the hole. However, Juan was not able to weld that plate over the hole.

So, we had a Team Meeting and it was decided to bury the plate so that nobody would be tempted to take it and sell it for scrap metal.
The hole in the road, last Tuesday.

Jorge used Chito's tools to bring road earth to bury the plate covering the hole.
Jorge buries the steel plate.

Where's the hole?

5PM - Reterkko's Restaurante.
Do you remember a few weeks go when Little Mavicito and Jorge met Carlos Sanchez on the mountain road behind our Camp? He is the 17 year old young man who spoke English very well. Carlos mentioned his family restaurant in El Centro. So we are going down to eat there this evening.

Just before starting for El Centro, Little Mavicito noticed that the hummingbird feeder was close to empty. Those little hummingbirds must be eating like crazy!
Hummingbird feeder is empty.

Reterkko's Restaurante is near the west side of El Centro. Upon arriving, we found no customers at the tables. It was rather dark inside. Two members of the Sanchez family were watching TV. If we had not stopped by Reterkko's a few times before, likely it would not be a place to eat supper tonite.

On the menu was listed "Brochete de res" which sounded interesting. Jorge walked into the kitchen after ordering, and asked what ingredientes went into the "Brochete" dish. The son who was also the cook, chef and waiter replied, "Beef, rice, refried beans, onions, green peppers, bacon." Jorge thought, "bacon?" Hmmmmm?
Brochete de res.

Our Brochete supper looked wonderful! It tasted great and we're sooooo happy to be brave enough to try Reterkko's.

6:30PM - Shopping for gifts.
Christmas gift shirts had already been bought for Victor and his sister Jennifer Alejandra. These presents are wrapped and sitting on MsTioga's front seat. This evening we went shopping for the others. It is easy to buy gifts for the kids. Adults are more difficult. Walking passed our friend Chicho's carpenter shop, suddenly it came clear what to do.

Jorge asked Chicho if he would come up to Chito's home tomorrow, and take a look at the kitchen. A rebuilt kitchen would be the perfect gift for Alty, her husband Chito and their daughter Nereyeda.

7:30PM - Ice cream for dessert.
A nice dessert of strawberry ice cream seems just right. Jugos & Aguas is the place to get it. Doesn't the ice cream look good? Hmmmm?
Ice cream dessert at Jugos & Aguas.

11PM - Ms. GQ has been playing around.
Yes, Ms. GQ found out about all of the things that the new Blogger offers. So, she wants you to take a peek, OK? Click here to see what MsTioga's blog might look like.

Ms. GQ isn't changing anything! She only wants you to look, OK?


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