Monday, December 25, 2006

10AM - Wow! Chito Fund zooms like crazy!
MsTioga is soooooooooo happy!

In one day, you sent Chito and his family $625 for the electric project!! All we need is $1,588US more. Would you help? Click HERE to go to the Chito Fund page where you will find a button to donate, OK?

Yesterday evening - Fiesta para Navidad. [Christmas party]
You may remember that yesterday evening, Jorge went to Fiesta para Navidad. But the evening began at the home of Raymundo and his wife Sandra. Their home is in El Centro in a house they recently bought. Raymundo is very proud of his new home, which has two stories and a modern kitchen.

Sandra prepared a dish of shrimp in a wonderful cream sauce that was filled with little chunks of fried garlic. Jorge went crazy for that garlic, much to the delight of Sandra. The garlic was fried, maybe a bit overfried. That overfrying gave the garlic the perfect taste and texture !! Jorge asked if it was OK to eat all of the left over garlic in the serving bowl, and of course he got that permission!
Raymundo, Sandra and son Jesus.

The fiesta was held at Sandra's parents house, a few blocks away.
Cesar and Blanca are Sandra's parents. They live in a lovely home.

The fiesta guests begin arriving perhaps about 9PM. Jorge gets to meet everybody as they arrive, and writes down names to not forget. It is a wonderful fiesta. Jorge and Cesar [Sandra's father] hit it off very well, and spend the entire evening talking and sharing stories.

Everybody is waiting for midnight, which is the beginning of Navidad. Just past 12AM,
everybody hugs everybody else and wishes them Feliz Navidad [Merry Christmas]. Then, presents are exchanged.
The family.

Around 11PM, supper for the fiesta was served. Dishes filled with pork and turkey and salad were given to all the hungry guests. The meal below is actually Jorge's care package! Little Mavicito took this pic from home in MsTioga.
Pork, turkey and two salads.

Jorge baked a batch of oatmobile cookies to give to wife Blanca who hosted the fiesta. These cookies came out sooooo good. A recipe change adding butter instead of oil made the cookies light, crispy and very rich! The pic shows the fiesta cookie bowl [to take to to the fiesta], the little cookie bowl for Jorge, and the chocolate cake for Chito's family for Navidad.
Baked stuff for fiestas.

6PM - Colibrí report.
The colibrí [hummingbirds] in our neighborhood drank up one cup of their sugar water in only two days. Wow! We do not know how many colibrí come to drink at our plastic flower, but there are lots. Jorge was able to go within four feet of the feeder when there was a colibrí drinking.

Little Mavicito has yet to take a pic of a colibrí.


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