Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2AM - Jorge is not supposed to be working!
Jorge promised not to even turn on Ms. GQ until Tuesday morning. And now look! He had to go make another post in the Categorized Archives. Take a look to the left side of you screen and you will find them. This new archive is titled, "Warbird Archive."

7AM - Get up and clean something!
Creating and editing this these Categorized Archives means waiting around a lot for Ms. GQ's hardrive to whirl and Blogger to do its thing. MsTioga looking at all of this action commented, "Don't just sit there, Jorge, get up and clean something!"

Good idea! So while he is waiting, Jorge has been cleaning, exercising, reading things. Boy-O-Boy! Creating these Categorized Archives is a lot of fun and exciting too!

5PM - Listening for directions.
How do MsTioga and Jorge know where to go? MsTioga says that she "feels" her way. Jorge agrees. If they have a plan, they never stick to it.

It was the same in 2004 when MsTioga felt her way to find Camp across from the church in Santa Rosalia. We were filled with the magic that moment. We took a strange winding road not knowing where, and found our destiny in the center of the Pueblo? It was perfect.

We are feeling our way toward our destiny right now. If we listen very closely, we will find our way to the exact center of where we should be.


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