Sunday, December 17, 2006

1AM - Jorge is sick.
Little Victor has some kind of cold or flu. Now Jorge has some kind of cold or flu. Runny nose, lung congestion. Jorge says, "I don't feel good when I'm sick."

2AM - Calendar 2nd quarter 2006.
Since it is difficult for Jorge to sleep with this cold thing, Ms. GQ suggested that they both work on the merry month of May, 2006 in the 2nd quarter calendar. So, we did. We still need the month of June, 2006, before we may publish. But we are coming right along!

5AM - Lassie's harness chain.
Emails have been received writing that Lassie's new harness chain is not a good thing, and may hurt him. We are going to find somebody in town who is able to make a leather harness, to replace the chain.

8AM - History of the hill.
For over 100 years, those who lived on our hill discarded rubbish down the hillside. This practice continues today. We on The Team decided that we would not throw stuff down the hill, not only because of the fire danger, but because it is ugly. Also, it is against the municipal government law to discard rubbish this way.

From now on we will burn it. We have found a level and clear place in the approach to Chito's yard to do this burning.

We will ask at the firestation and find out if it is OK to burn.

Rubbish on our hillside.

11:30AM - Shopping for a belt for Lassie.
Little Mavicito & Jorge took the road passed Armando & Mary Paz' home. We came upon two kids playing in the road. The girl asked if Jorge was American. And, if Jorge was Gringo. Jorge is used to these questions. He is an oddity in the Pueblo, and young kids often stare at him as walks in El Centro.

Jesus & Alexia.

A road in the Pueblo is called a path or trail in the United States. Do you see the road leading up to the block wall building, which is Alexia and Jesus' home?

The road to the kid's home.

12 Noon - Hard to find.
Little Mavicito and Jorge go to every hardware store in El Centro. No store has any of the things needed to make Lassie's belt.

Then we came upon Marla, which is a material shop for sewing things. They have belt, and we buy [3] meters of it and some belt buckles too.

1:30PM - Only a chain will work.
After returning from El Centro with the belt material to make a collar for Lassie, we find that this is not a good plan. This belt will not work for Lassie. He is not a spaniel or even a collie. He is a 90lb extremely strong animal. He will most certainly break or slip this collar, and get into trouble.

After careful thought, we are sticking with the chain. We must do what is best for Lassie. We may even have to make improvements. Yesterday evening, Lassie slipped the chain that goes around his body.

6PM - Talking with Alty about work.
It was time to give Lassie the hotdog filled with his two capsules. Upon arriving in the yard, I found Alty and Chito sitting in the walkway between the kitchen and the main house. So, I sat down and talked with them.

I asked Alty about her job at the Moro Hotel. She said work has been very busy lately. Many Americans are staying there. She has worked every day this week. Sometimes she has to walk to work. When the Pemex was out of gas, it took her more than 30 minutes to get to the Moro at the south end of Cachania.


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