Monday, December 18, 2006

3AM - Donations for Chito & Alty's home.
This morning we checked email, and were soooooo happy to find a donation for the Chito Fund. You have generously given $1,236 as of now. Thank you so much!

Thru suggestions received from you, the electrical system which is over 100 years old has been chosen as the #1 priority repair. Chutín our friend who works for the water department, is bringing an electrician that he recommends to take a look at the job.

5AM - Calendar 2nd quarter 2006.
Ms. GQ & Jorge have just completed and published our 2nd quarter, 2006 calendar! Wow! Two smiley faces so far this morning! "What a day this has been, what a swell mood I'm in, why it's almost like being in love!"

When you find mistakes in the calendar, would you mind sending an email, OK? Also, please remember that our Reader friend Thomas Thibodeau of Eastern Canada developed the calendar code for us, for which we are deeply grateful.

6AM - A word from Little Mavicito.
Hi! This is Little Mavicito typing at you with help from my good buddy Ms. GQ. I am going back to sleep now. But before I go, I wanted to let you know how wonderful things are for me down here at my home in Mexico.

Also, go out and throw a rock today, OK? Jorge tried to throw rocks with Victor yesterday, and found that he almost forgot how. Wow! An important thing like rock throwing should not be forgotten, don't you think? Hmmmmm?

8AM - Barci the electrician.
Barci drove up to MsTioga in his truck. He is the electrician recommended by Chutín, our friend in the water dept. Jorge was still in his pajamas and answering email. So, Barci came inside MsTioga to wait while Jorge got dressed in the bedroom.

It turns out that Barci and Chito are friends, and were happy to see each other when we walked over to take a look at the house. Barci is now checking the electrical system in order to find out what needs to be done.
Barci the electrician.

9:30AM - Meat & Potatoes Information.
Today in Jorge's new blog, Poor George's Almanac, he gets into the meat & potatoes. Take a peek, OK?

4PM - Chito loves Lassie too!
It might be that it took Chito a little while to come to grips that he almost lost Lassie to the terrible tick disease. This morning he asked Jorge for a photo of Lassie to put in his wallet. Chito gave Jorge a pic of himself and his daughter Nereyeda to know what size the photo should be.
Chito & Nereyeda 30 years ago. Lassie today.

Chito looking at the pic of his dog Lassie.

5PM - Juan the welder.
Little Mavicito and Jorge walked down the BIG, thru El Centro into Rancheria where Juan the welder lives. Juan and Jorge had agreed that when the Pemex had gasoline, that Juan would do the welding job to cover the hole in the road.

When Juan and Jorge drove back up to Chito's, it was determined that he would be able to cut the steel plate to size, but he could not bring his welding equipment up the BIG hill over the terrible road.
Juan torch cutting the plate.

Jorge paid Juan $10US to cut the plate. Jorge will now look for somebody with a small electric welding machine to secure the plate over the hole.


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