Thursday, December 07, 2006

5AM - Jorge and MsGQ are at it again!
Jorge says that the hum of Mr. Sunny's inverter fan is beginning to sound to him like the "Halls of Montezuma" song.

MsTioga is considering putting Jorge on her banned driver list! MsTioga believes that all this computing, is driving Jorge batso. Jorge is typing a lot faster though. One good thing!

7AM - Happy about the Categorized Archives.
There is one thing MsTioga is as happy as could be about. It is our new Categorized Archives. MsTioga asks you to take a peek at the Categorized Archives, OK? Especiall the Readers Visit Archives.

In case you missed this new Tioga feature, look over on the left side of the blog. Do you see the little pulldown? Hmmmmm?

8AM - Lassie is sick.
Chito was in his yard raking and cleaning. Jorge went over to talk. Chito mentioned that Lassie isn't feeling well this morning. Jorge walked over to see Lassie. Usually he has boundless energy. This morning he is sleepy and could barely lift his head.
Lassie only sleeps.

Jorge was alarmed and encouraged Chito to bring the town veterinarian to see poor Lassie. Together, Chito and Jorge drove to the veterinarian.

10AM - The doctor arrives.
Dr. Fortunaato de Jesús Cota A. has his office in El Centro, near Super Mercado Moreno. Dr. Fortunato agreed to drive right away to attend to sick Lassie.
Dr. Fortunato arrives at Chito's home.

The doctor handed Chito a muzzle to put on to Lassie. A good idea, because Lassie is a biting dog. This morning Lassie would not bite anything. He is sooooo weak.

The doctor examined Lassie. He touched him all over, and listened inside with a stethoscope. Soon the doctor reported Lassie to be sick with Ehrlichia canis [tick fever].
Examining Lassie everywhere!

The treatment will consist of 3-4 daily injections of an antibiotic, followed by an antibiotic capsule fed to Lassie daily at 7AM and 7PM. Dr. Fortutunato said that there is a 90% cure rate for Ehrlichia canis. Jorge is soooooo happy to hear that, because Lassie is his friend. And he loves his friend.

6PM - We update our blog several times a day.
Does it seem to you that we publish very late in the day? Perhaps not at all during the day?

Take a peek at the "NEW MsTioga Blog Info" link at the bottom of our left column, OK?


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