Friday, December 15, 2006

5AM - Poor George's Almanac.
George is publishing a new blog. It is titled, "Poor George's Almanac." This blog was begun a few days ago. We first linked to the new blog this morning.

10AM - Oscar.
Jorge first met Oscar last winter here in Cachania. Oscar is a waiter at Tercos Pollito, a very nice table service restaurant in El Centro.

From the very first, Oscar and Jorge hit it off. Oscar spoke a little English, and helped Jorge with his Spanish. A few days ago when Jorge had supper at Tercos, Oscar asked if Jorge would teach him English. Of course Jorge agreed.

The date was set for today at 10AM. However, Oscar could not stay, because of several circumstances, and it was decided that Oscar should come over to MsTioga's to study. Oscar has a chance for a new and better paying job if he could speak English. Everybody on The Team is very excited about this new challenge.

10:30AM - Dr. Fortunato.
It is the day to return to see Lassie's doctor. Jorge does not need to bring Lassie. This visit is for the doctor to know how Lassie is doing and to give Jorge another five day's prescription refill for Lassie's antibiotics.
Dr. Fortunato's office in El Centro.

11AM - New chain for Lassie.
The dramatic events with Lassie getting arrested yesterday in El Centro, made it clear that it is much too easy for Lassie to escape his chain. Jorge went to the Plaza Hardware Store and bought two spring loaded hooks and a new length of chain. We all feel terrible that Lassie must live his life at the end of a chain.

12:30PM - The nurse cactus plan.
Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when Jorge captured a small Seguaro cactus in the desert south of Santa Rosalia? Investigations on the internet showed that Saguaro cactus is always grown from seed.

Somewhere, we heard about using a "nurse plant" to host a hard to propate cactus. We have decided to try to use a Nopal cactus leaf as a nurse plant. Who knows?
The nurse plant experiment.

The nopal cactus leaf was abraded a bit where contact was to be made with the Saguaro. And the Saguaro had its 10-day old hardened bottom cut off to expose fresh inner plant. We are guessing that people who tried propagating Saguaro in the past always hardened the bottom. So, we are going another way.

4:30PM - Juan the welder.
Jorge and Little Mavicito are going to be at Juan's home and shop promptly at 5PM for our appointment. If you recall, Juan has agreed to do the cover job for the open hole in the road. This hole is located between the two giant water tanks.

4:45PM - Niños Christmas Parade.
On the way to Juan the welder, we found a Christmas parade of the niños marching up the main street thru town. There was music, and the people watching were excited and laughing.

Of course Little Mavicito had to stop and take pics!
Students from Jardín de Ninos.

5PM - No gasoline!
We arrived at Juan's home and he said that there was no gasoline in town. Perhaps gasoline would arrive next week. Juan is not able to do our welding job, because his truck has no gas.

According to Chito, there is no gasoline in Loreto, and none in La Paz! Wow! MsTioga has a full tank of gasoline, which was bought on Wednesday. Tomorrow morning, we will let Chito have some of that gas for his car.


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