Sunday, December 10, 2006

5AM - Sunday is Values Day.
Above Mr. Chips' computer workstation is a cabinet containing the old Franklin Planner. Inside the planner are written our values and goals to achieve those values. Sunday morning is review time.

A while back, these values were published. So sometimes this review is done online. Most of these were written in 1993, over thirteen years ago. Have we achieved these values in all of that time? Gotten them down solid?

MsTioga believes that we have been getting things down pretty tight lately.

This morning, a page was added to online Values. This new page publishes Jorge's annual goals.

8:30AM - Chito sees the trees.
Do you remember that yesterday Chito gave Jorge two palm trees? Chito came over to see how the trees were planted. He like the locations. And, he was very surprised to find that Jorge was able to clear out two junko trees!

11AM - Dr. Fortunato.
When the doctor arrived for Lassie's examination, he declared Lassie cured of the terrible tick disease which almost killed him! Dr. Fortunato gave Jorge anti-biotic capsules for Lassie. Two capsules in the morning and two in the evening for five days. Next Friday, Jorge goes to the doctor's office to report on Lassie's conditon and possibly receive more capsules.

12:30PM - The chocolate cake.
Did we tell you about the chamacos choosing to bake a cake today, instead of cookies? Hmmmm? The kids came over, all excited to bake the cake. Ana Karen and Victor wanted to get right to the cake, not pose for Little Mavicito. However, Alejandra did not seem to mind posing.

After the cake mix, eggs, water and oil were in the mixing bowl, it was time for blending. Ana Karen used the mixer, Alejandra scraped and turned the bowl while Victor watched.

The kids are sooooo anxious for Alejandra to pour the cake batter into the two round baking pans.

Because then they get to lick the bowl! Of course nobody would be faster at bowl licking than Victor.

While the cake was baking in MsTioga's oven, the kids read yesterday's blog, translated into Spanish. Ana Karen did the reading. Victor is not too interested in the blog story, and would not let go of the kitchen timer.

You know that cakes must be properly cooled before frosting. But the three chamacos did not know this. And were beside themselves with anxiety waiting. Victor kept touching the cooling cakes to see if they were cool yet. Finally it was frosting time, and Alejandra being the oldest, got to do it.

Little Mavicito did not get to go over to the house to watch the masterpiece cake being devoured. You will have to use your imagination for that scene, OK?

3:30PM - Raking the garden.
This is Sunday. Only the araƱa [leaf rake] will be used today. No hard work will be done. It is a day of enjoying and thinking about how very, very fortunate we on The Team are to be living this fabulous life.


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