Saturday, December 16, 2006

6AM - 2nd quarter calendar.
Jorge and Ms. GQ were up early working on their blog's 2nd quarter calendar. Ms. GQ believes that she will be able to publish the calendar in a few days. She also hopes that you like to use the calendar, which she feels is easier to use than Blogger's archive system.

8AM - The hummingbird feeder.
This morning, Jorge hung the hummingbird feeder that was purchased yesterday in veterinarian, Dr. Fortunato's store.

At first the feeder hung from the little bush at the left of the garden. Then MsTioga suggested that the feeder be moved to the mesquite tree. We like it there. We have already seen one colibrí [hummingbird] at our new feeder.

Ms. GQ cannot remember the name of the reader who suggested we feed the hummingbirds. We sure would like to send a big thank you. If you are the one, would you please send us an email, OK?
Our colibrí feeder.

9:30AM - Jugos y Nieves.
Do you remember Manuel, owner of Jugos y Nieves store [Juices & Ice Cream] in El Centro? Jorge decided to go there this morning, buy a nice fresh orange juice and read a Spanish newspaper. Manuel has these papers in his store.

This morning Manuel was working with his son, Josue [Joe-sway]. We had never met Josue before. Jorge ordered his orange juice while Josue told us that he was a student in preparatory school. He plans to enroll in a communication program at the University of La Paz.

Josue is an artist, and has several of his drawings on the walls of the store. Little Mavicito forgot to take pics of these drawings. Maybe next time, OK?
Josue, son of Manuel of Jugos y Nieves.

10:30AM - Propane.
Yesterday evening, Chito knocked on MsTioga's door and asked if we would receive a cylinder of propane for him. He gave us $300 pesos to pay for the propane. The Gaspasa truck is supposed to arrive at 11AM, so we walked back up the BIG hill to be there when the truck arrived.

We found Lassie loose again. Lassie escapes soooooo easily. Jorge is going to use the chain bought the other day to make it so that Lassie cannot escape. When the Gaspasa truck arrived, Lassie was still not chained. Jorge called to him, but Lassie was interested in the guys in the Gaspasa truck. Wow! Finally Lassie was chained up and the cylinder delivered.

2PM - New cactus in the garden.
Jorge planted the two remaining cactus in the garden. These two are located just in front of the larger palm tree. Would you like to see them? Hmmmmm?
Two new cactus.

4PM - Lassie's new collar.
One more trip to the hardware store was necessary in order to give Lassie his new collar. We believe that Lassie will not be able to escape anymore with the new collar.

As you may see in the pic, the collar goes around his legs as well as around Lassie's neck. Lassie does not seem concerned about this major event his life?
Lassie's new chain collar.

6PM - End of a perfect day.
Hi everybody! This is Little Mavicito and Ms.GQ typing at you. We know that Jorge doesn't want to publish but once each day. But that's him, and we are us.

While Jorge is contemplating [whatever he contemplates] out on the garden rock, we had to show you the end of a perfect day. There has been no wind, only a gentle breeze. Not one cloud in the sky. Just wonderful.
A perfect Cachania evening.


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