Sunday, December 03, 2006

6AM - Computer stuff is hard!
Do you like to mess with HTML, CSS, templates? Stuff like that? It is sooooo hard!

Jorge has two sons. Both computer geniuses. David works at Bay Area Rapid Transit [BART] and Joe works at NVIDIA. It is amazing that Jorge did not get any of that talent.

What Jorge has to do is try something, make many errors. Find some of these errors. Find more errors. Start all over again from the beginning. Hmmmmm? After two hours of trying, this is what Jorge accomplished: Three Column Test Blog

Why does Jorge love this stuff soooooo much!

9AM - Working on new way to categorize achives.
Mr. Chips dreamed up a new and really neat way to look at MsTioga's archives. If you see some weird pages this morning, that's the reason, OK?

Mr. Chips should have things sorted out pretty soon.

4PM - Do you see the little "Categories Beta" to the right?
Jorge and Mr. Chips have been messing with the new Categories routine on the right side of the blog, and finally got some of the links working.

It is slow going, because we lost the "Quick Editing" pencil icon. Without Quick Editing, it takes forever to change Blog posts. Do you know about Blogging templates? Hmmmm?

Jorge was still working with Ms. GQ, when the red from the sunset got his attention. With Little Mavicito, he went out to capture the end of the day.

The wind has stopped, and the Sun has set.

6:30PM - Takes a lot of time.
Jorge and Ms. GQ have been spending quite a bit of time lately on the Tioga website. With the help of reader Thomas, the new calendar is now working and displays the past six months. Much easier to use than Blogger's archives, we believe.

The Today/Tomorrow feature took time to develop, and requires an update daily. Ms. GQ and Jorge feel that this new feature is well worth the effort and time.

Now we are working on another new feature, Categorized Archives. We have only a few links there, but if you take a peek at on the left side of the page, you may get the idea of it.

This last new feature will take a lot of time to get going. However, we have a lot to look at in our blog, and Categorized Archives will give us the ability to showcase stuff that is interesting.

10PM - Tune into Tioga and George's homepage.
Dear readers: Please tune into Tioga and George only thru our Home Page, OK? Tuning in thru our old URL may mean that often you won't see the latest post. Here is the link:


Google Map Link

Google Earth Link

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