Saturday, December 09, 2006

6AM - Little Mavicito adds to the archives.
Yesterday Mr. Chips suggested to Little Mavicito, "Why don't you put your best pics in the new archives thing?" You know how Little Mavicito is, right? Once he gets focused on something, he cannot let go!

Take a peek at Categorized Archives, OK? Look at "Our Best Pics" category which contains "The Mesa Arch." Mr. Chips likes our Mesa Arch pic sooooo much that he made it his desktop.

8:30AM - The palm trees.
A few days ago, Chito came over and spotted a palm tree shoot near Jorge's little brick wall. Chito warned that palms grow fast. Jorge told him that he was watering the plant and intended to move it to a better place in the garden.

This morning, Chito returned and was carrying two small palms. They are gifts from Chito's garden.
The palms.

9:30PM - Planting the palms.
Jorge sat in the garden wondering where to plant the two palms? This is a very important decision. The palms must go in their perfect place, or they may seriously affect future garden years!

The small palm is planted at the far left of the garden, just to the left of the little brick wall. At this place, the old mine chimney view of the hill beyond will not be blocked.

Position of the larger palm is even more important, because the view of the beautiful sea is there. The perfect place is at the right side, where many junko and mesquite trees grow.

Jorge begins to dig the hole for the larger palm, and finds large rocks. Chito's 5 foot bar, a pick and shovel are brought to remove these rocks. Over two hours are spent, removing rocks and digging deep enough for the roots.

12:30PM - Teaching english.
Victor came over, followed awhile later by Ana Karen. They had returned from Saturday doctrina [indoctrination] at the church.

Jorge is surprised and delighted when Ana asks him to teach her English. The three of us go into MsTioga, and Jorge asks Ana questions in English. "Where is my hand." Followed by Ana asking Jorge the same question in English.

As you know, learning another language is hard. Soon Ana is restless, and for sure Victor is not interested.

3PM - The junko trees.
There are two types of trees around the garden. Chito calls them "junko" and "mesquite". Jorge likes the mesquite, but not the junko.

Jorge has considered removing the junko that grows just beyond our garden's mesquite. Now that the palms are planted, it is clear that this junko must go. Also, the junko behind the large palm looks ugly.

A saber saw with a long blade is used to take down both junkos.
Junko behind the mesquite is now a stump.

3:15PM - Victor's story.
Victor arrives and tells Jorge that his teacher has "encargado" to write a story. Jorge looks this word up in the dictionary and learns it means "recommended."

As Jorge works on cutting down the junkos, Victor says in Spanish what Jorge is doing, then writes these words in his notebook. Victor says/writes, "Jorge is cutting down the tree." "Jorge is happy." "Jorge is singing."

4PM - Roast Beast.
Jorge tells Victor that he is going to prepare something for supper, and asks if Victor would like to watch. As Jorge prepares a roast beast, Victor continues with his story. "Jorge is making food." "Jorge lights the oven."
The roast beast.

4:30PM - The garden.
Jorge and Victor sit outside. Jorge is enjoying the work he has done today. His garden is wonderful.

Victor writes, "Jorge is sitting in the garden."


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