Thursday, December 21, 2006

7:30AM - It's too heavy.
Little Mavicito was looking over Ms. GQ's shoulder this morning. On her screen was the gorgeous Mesa Arch header. "It's too heavy", said Little Mavicito. "I should take a pic of Jorge standing in the garden."

9AM - Ana Karen and Victor come to work.
Yesterday, Ana Karen and her brother came and asked if they could have a job. They both wanted to earn some money. However, it was much too windy to work yesterday. So, they returned this morning.

Their job is to constuct a road in the garden. Here in Mexico, a road may also be a path.

For 1/2 hour [Ana has a wristwatch], they would work together collecting rocks of various sizes. These rocks were carried to the construction site in a small pale and one of MsTioga's pots. Later on, Ana used her grandfather's wheelbarrow for transportation.

Ana placing rocks along the new road.

Victor placing rocks along the new road.

After only 1/2 hour, the kids have the beginnings of a new road.
The new road.

The pay for 1/2 hour's worth of road construction was $10 pesos each, a lofty some for such young workers. However, it is Christmas time, so The Team is generous.

11:30AM - John & Mimi come to visit.
Do you remember MsTioga & Jorge's good friends from San Diego? They are John & Mimi, who are staying in their RV south of us at Bahia ConcepciĆ³n.

We are all going out for lunch, and John & Mimi decide to go to Mariscos Neto, the restaurante that gives large portions. After a fine lunch and even better conversation, we picked up some capsules for Lassie at Dr. Fortunato's office. Then Jorge filled MsTioga's 5-gallon fresh water bottle.
Mimi & John in the garden at Hill Camp.

3PM - What is Barci the electrician doing?
Barci has been working alone today. He has run cable thru most of thethe steel conduit that was installed yesterday. The job is moving right along.
Barci working on an ancient recepticle.

6PM - Presents to buy.
Jorge is going to El Centro because there are presents to buy. Christmas is just around the corner!

9PM - Shopping is a good time!
Especially shopping for gifts. Stores are not terribly crowded as they are back on the "other side." That is what the United States is called here in Cachania - "the other side."

I now have two gifts each for Ana Karen and her sister Jennifer Alejandra. Only one for Victor. Tomorrow I am going to ask Victor for a favor. To help me shop for a boy his age who is my neighbor. Victor will likely think that I am talking about a neighbor boy back home. But he will actually be shopping for himself.

11PM - Reader Len emailed a movie.
It is a coke commercial. Mr. Chips thought it was soooooo good, that he uploaded the file to 1&1's server for you to see, OK?


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  4. So this is what you are working on.

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