Friday, December 08, 2006

7AM - How is Lassie this morning?
Everybody on The Team is wondering how our friend Lassie is doing this morning. Do you remember that yesterday, Jorge found him terribly sick?

Little Mavicito and Jorge are out visiting with Lassie now. In a little while, they will return and tell us all about it.

7:30AM - Lassie much better.
Yesterday afternoon when the Chamacos came home from school, they were very frightened to see a lot of blood coming from Lassie's nose. But Lassie had improved a lot by the afternoon, and did not seem concerned at all about bleeding.

This morning Jorge and Little Mavicito only saw a tiny amount of blood . Dr. Fortunato will be coming at 10am to give Lassie his 2nd antibiotic injection.

Lassie looks a little worried, don't you think?

8AM - Maria Romo's taco stand.
Do you remember meeting our neighbor Maria Romo on Wednesday? Maria owns Mariscos Romo's in El Centro. Yesterday while waiting for Dr. Fortunato, Chito and Jorge went over to Romo's for tacos.

When Jorge went to pay for the tacos, he did not enough money in his pocket. Maria OK'd paying at her house that afternoon. However, only little Bebe the dog was home when Jorge went to pay.

So, this morning we are going down to El Centro to pay the money back. Maybe Jorge will buy a taco for breakfast!

8:30AM - Mariscos Romo's.
Jorge has passed Maria's taco stand many times, not knowing that his neighbor owned it. The stand is in a swell location, between the church and the government building.
Mariscos Romo's.

Maria works alone, has no employees. We like her stand. As is the custom in Mexico, taco stands offer vegetables, salsa, etc. which customers put into their tacos themselves. Marias vegetables are nicely protected in a glass case with a sliding door.

9:15AM - Roast Beast.
Jorge has already eaten the entire roast beast that he had made only yesterday. It must have been really delicious! We walked over to Super Mercado Cachania and bought another piece of beef, this one a little larger than the last.

9:30AM - Martin the artist.
We were passing Chicho's cabinet shop, and stopped to say hello. Chicho was not there, but Martin the artist was inside.

Do you remember Martin Real, the artist who painted the Tiro Williams Mine mural on MsTioga? In the pic below, Martin is painting a sign for Chicho. The sign is gorgeous, and was designed by talented Martin.
Martin who painted MsTioga's mural.

10AM - Dr. Fortunato.
On our way up the BIG hill, just past our friend Poncho's home, we met Dr. Fortunato on his way to give Lassie his 2nd antibiotic injection. Dr. Fortunato invited us to drive with him the rest of the way to Chito's.

After Lassie received his injection, Dr. Fortunato mentioned that Lassie would have died this week without treatment. Chito looked stunned when the doctor said this. Perhaps Chito did not understand that Lassie had been sick enough to lose his life!

Dr. Fortunato went to take a peek at MsTioga, and went inside too. Jorge gave the doctor one of his cloud cards which has The Team's web address, and invited the doctor to read for himself the story of him treating Lassie.
Dr. Fortunato and MsTioga.

4PM - Victor is a kick!
Jorge has two kinds of tiny walls in the garden, one of small stones, the other of broken red brick. The hill may be a poor place, but it is rich in broken red brick and small stones.

Victor got interested in building the walls of stone and brick. He has boundless energy, and ran all over to find stuff.
Victor shows his stones.

5:30PM - Jorge and Little Mavicito have a date.
This afternoon, Jorge asked Los Camachos if they would like to go to El Centro this evening, and have a good time. Ana Karen and Victor said yes. Jennifer Alejandra stayed behind.

When grandmother Alty came home, she gave permission. So, at 5:30pm, we went down the hill past the Romo home where Bebe the dog barked at us, and into town. The first place we went was to Chuyita's Hot Dog cart for supper.
Little Mavicito loves Chuyita's.

Each of us bought one bacon wrapped weenie (salchicha) with the works. As you may see from this pic, Victor loves to glom down salchichas.
A Salchicha disappears.

After eating our fabulous salchichas, we walked up the main street thru El Centro, heading for that new ice cream store, El Jardin de Nieves [Ice Cream Garden]. You may remember that Jorge found this store a few weeks ago while doing laundry.

The chamacos [kids] loved this place. We each bought a cup of our favorite flavor ice cream and then went into the garden. Inside the garden are swings, a merry-go-round, and a bunch of other stuff too.
Ana Karen.

Victor, Ana Karen and friend.

We walked back down main street, and stopped in many stores. Ana Karen asked to walk back up the BIG hill by using the little path past the Romo home again. On the way up, we came to a place where two cute puppies lived.
The puppies.

8:30PM - Little Mavicito shows his pics.
When we returned home, Little Mavicito loaded all of his pics onto Alty's computer so that everybody in the family could share our good time.


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