Saturday, December 23, 2006

7AM - MsTioga heading out!
MsTioga will be making a run to GasPasa to fill her propane tank this morning. We may be able to last into next week with the propane we have. However, it is Christmas holiday time now and we do not wish to take a chance.

Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater is not being used in Mexico. Olympic, the manufacturer warns about Mexican propane. We made our own test with Mr. Wave6, and found that he did not work well at all on GasPasa propane.

His flame was about 40% of optimum height and dull orange instead of bright orange. We did not want to poison the catalytic pad, so Mr. Wave6 is getting a vacation.

9AM - On the road.
On the way to GasPasa, we stopped at Lavanderia Amalia. Our friend Olga was there, and promised the wash to be complete by 1PM.
Getting laundry done.

Little Mavicito was really excited to see the waves kicked up by today's strong wind. Yesterday the wind was calm enough to burn basura. Look at those waves! Like the Pacific Ocean.

When MsTioga arrived at GasPasa, there was our friend Alejandro. He is always smiling. We made plans for Alejandro to visit The Team at Hill Camp this weekend. Pretty neat, huh?

MsTioga met a new GasPasa employee. His name is Javier.
Javier of GasPasa.

10AM - The mines.
Of course on the way back to Cachania, The Team had to go up the old BoleĆ³ Mine road. Little Mavicito thinks that he is still able to hear the sound of the ancient steam locomotives that went this same way too.

We have never stopped at the prayer cave, which is at the mine road entrance, but this time Little Mavicito took a peek.
The prayer cave.

MsTioga found the mine road in extremely good condition. Then she noticed a trickle of water running along the side of the dirt road. Probably run-off from last nite's rain. With Jorge's experience, he knew as soon as he saw the mud that it was time to turn back.
MsTioga will not get stuck in the mud today!

Then we started to look for a cactus to capture and take back to the garden. However, first we found a train rail. These rails are extremely rare to find, because they are sold for scrap metal value.

This rail was likely unearthed in the mighty storms of last September and October.
A rare train rail from El BoleĆ³ days.

As we headed down the old mine road, Jorge spotted a perfect cactus to capture for the garden.
Jorge captured the small head-like top.

3PM - Jorge enters the debate.
At our Team Meeting today, it was decided that Jorge should let readers know how he feels about the tons of positive and negative email he is receiving lately. So, here it is, straight from the horse's mouth.

Jorge writes, "I love to receive email. If you like stuff, let me know. Because I love compliments."

If you hate stuff, let me know about that too. Because it helps me with my Consideration Value, Goal #4.

So send those emails, OK? I love to receive email.

5PM - Only $2,108 for electric job.
Barci the electrician visited MsTioga and gave a quotation to complete the job on all the rest of the electric system on Chito's property.

All we need is $2,108US. Would you help?

Thank you soooooooo much,

Chito Family Help Fund.


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