Saturday, December 02, 2006

7AM - Tioga & George Budget Report.
Our Budget Report shows a truly amazing turnaround. Our low was during the month of October, 2005 when The Team had a $1,938 deficit. This past month, November, 2006, we had a $1,341 surplus.

Mr. Chips is happy to report that our total expenses for this past month were only $755. Double Wow with sugar on it!

Would you like to take a peek at our Budget Report? Click on [Home] at the bottom of this page, and then enter [Behind The Scenes].

9AM - Reader George.
We received email from Reader George who visited The Team at Devil's Postpile Campground in June, 2004. George sent us a pic of him in front of MsTioga.

Reader George looks like our Jorge, doesn't he?

10:30AM - Jorge & Mr. Chips' brain explosion.
Yesterday, Jorge & Mr. Chips were talking about how Chito's family could earn money from the internet. They wondered if Nereyeda, Chito's daughter, would like to write a website with Google Adsense ads for earning money?

When we asked Nereyeda about it, she jumped at the idea!

2:30PM - Little Mavicito wants to go!
Little Mavicito is really wondering what is going on? While Jorge and Ms. GQ are having the time of their lives making calendars, buttons and posting pics to the blog, he has to just sit around inside MsTioga.
There are no ferrys running when it is so windy!

Finally, MsTioga got on his side. So Jorge took him out for a walk down past the harbor to see the wind blowing the sea and making white caps. The windy sea may not look like much to you. But it is dangerous out there. No ferrys are running today!

3:30 - Jorge looks for a haircut place.
Jorge has been wanting a haircut for awhile. He headed into El Centro. However, the building where Jorge has been getting his haircuts has been sold, and the salon is gone.

While walking around looking for another haircut place, somebody called out, "Jorge." It was our friend Raymundo. Do you remember that Raymundo was fixing up the house that he bought in order to move in? Well, Raymundo, his wife and young son are in their home now!

Raymundo in his kitchen.

Raymundo is sooooo proud of his kitchen with new stainless refrigerator and matching stove.

7:15PM - What is that?
Jorge was fixing up supper. "What is that?", asked Mr. Dometic. "I don't know?", said Jorge. "There's a mushed up hamburger patty in there, with refried beans, red onions, green onions. A bunch of garlic salt."

Fixing supper.

"Looks pretty good, and smells good too", said MsTioga. Jorge took a taste of the meat stuff. He smiled.

Tacos dorado filled with "What is that."

8:15PM - We love to receive email.
Jorge loves to receive email from you. Always took joy & pride in replying to every email. We just have too many now.

In the years since Jorge and MsTioga have been searching for adventure together, Jorge has become a pretty good typist. Doesn't even look at the letters anymore! But as fast as Jorge types, it is not fast enough.

Please do keep sending emails, OK? Everybody on The Team reads them. Every single one. We just will not be able to answer every single one anymore!


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