Friday, December 22, 2006

7AM - Understanding Jorge.
During my journey in 2005, it became clear that thoughts were turning toward camping in Santa Rosalia for the winter. I even pictured the exact place in the Pueblo that would be Camp. It is down the hill from Hill Camp, across from the Museum.

I was concerned about how readers would react to my staying in one place for several months. But almost immediately dismissed that concern. My blog is not a work of fiction. It is the daily account of my life. If readers do not like what they read, that is not my responsibility.

What would I write about? The answer to that question was, "What I always wrote about. What I actually was doing during the day."

Another concern was my AdSense advertising income. Without that income, I would not be able to continue living as before. What if that income dropped? My decision here was to have confidence that somehow, someway, things would work out.

Recently I have decided not to look at the Adsense account pages at all during the month. Looking at how much I have been earning each day, changes my perspective so that I am focused on money. Not the way that I wish to live. I will find out at the beginning of each month how much money I earned by seeing it posted to my bank account.

And look what happened? Hmmmmm? Things have worked out better than MsTioga and I would have ever dreamed they could be!

Jorge, typing this post to you.
[Still in his PJs-what a guy!]

9:30AM - Victor and Jorge go shopping.
Yesterday, Jorge decided to ask Victor to go shopping for a pretend boy of the same age. And so, off they went to El Centro.

Victor knew the exact store to go shopping. It is called "Seventeen." Nobody knows why this is the name of the store. Victor picked out a soccer ball and a calculator as presents for the pretend boy. Of course, only you know that Victor was picking out his own presents.
Victor and Jorge in El Centro.

12:30PM - Burning La Basura.
There is almost no wind today. A perfect day for burning the huge pile of brush that has accumulated from clearing the garden and hillside. The Mexcian people around here call the brush basura, or garbage.

MsTioga's water hose is connected and placed nearby where the fire will comsume the basura. Some basura is burned in an encinerator made from an old barrel.

After a few hours, the big pile of brush is much smaller.
All that remains of the basura.

12:30PM - Barci the electrician finished.
Barci has finish the portion of the work he has contracted to do. Jorge looked at the old electric cables. It is a miracle that the house has not burned down. The insulation for the cables was broken in many places.

Much more electric work needs to be done. Jorge asked Barci to prepare a quotation to complete all of the rest of the entire property. There will be four quotations:
  1. Main house.
  2. Kitchen.
  3. Outside bathroom.
  4. Garage and work room.
4:30PM - New electric work means more donations.
All of the electric components on the property are in very dangerous condition and should be replaced. Would you contribute to this project? Hmmmmm?

Barci did all of the work so far for only $590US materials and $290US labor. This is soooooo cheap by USA standards. I am guessing that $3,500US would complete the job for the property. Barci will be returning tomorrow and may have a complete quotation ready.

What do you think? Hmmmmm? Click here and help out, OK?

9:25PM - Rain!
Just now we heard rain drops falling on MsTioga's roof. A very gentle rain! We love the sound of rain drops.

10:30PM - Brochette of beef.
A few days ago Jorge and Little Mavicito stopped at Restaurante Reterkkos for their Brochette of Beef. This evening Jorge prepared his own Brochette, and it was really great.
Brochette looks good too!

The rain stopped just as supper began. In a land of little rain, this has been a very heavy rainfall year for Santa Rosalia.


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