Thursday, December 14, 2006

8:30AM - The Chito Project.
Today had two dramatic events. The first one was when MsTioga published the Chito Project page.

The Chito Project contains pics which show the condition of the Chito family home. The page also asks tells readers about the Chito Fund report and this page's important donation button. When you click on that button and send some $dough$, you will receive a thank you email directly from MsTioga herself, and she will give you a GIANT email hug.

Wouldn't you like that? Hmmmmm?

10AM - Lassie gets arrested.
Jorge decided to go to Mary Paz' taco stand this morning. Only thing was, Lassie decided to go too! In the past, telling Lassie to go back and pretending to throw a rock, got him to return. This morning, nothing would stop him. So, down to El Centro went Jorge with his unwelcome friend, Lassie.

Now you have to undertand that Lassie does not know how to behave around people. Lassie has never been to El Centro before. He believes that he has to protect, and today he was protecting Jorge. While Jorge was eating his fish tacos, Lassie was trying to protect him by attacking passers by. And Lassie is not a dog to be treated lightly. He is a very BIG mean dog.

Of course Jorge did not fully understand just what a disaster allowing Lassie to enter El Centro would be. But a disaster it was, and it kept getting worse. Jorge was trying to eat his tacos with one hand, and hold Lassie still with the other.

Then, into this scene came La Policia. Commandante Jaime Cota arrived in his bright yellow truck. He ordered Lassie out of El Centro immediately. Jorge was able to negotiate a ride in the truck to Chito's home.

Jorge then found out that Lassie was dreadfully afraid of trucks. He would not jump into the back of the Commante Jaime's truck. Jorge had to lift Lassie into the truck. However, Lassie weighs perhaps 90 lbs!! How Jorge lifted the terrified Lassie, squirming and wiggling and trying to escape is not known.

And off they went, Jorge and Lassie in the back of the bright yellow police truck. Thru El Centro they went, for everybody to see. And what was the dangerous Lassie doing during the trip back home? He was lying down in the truck, trembling with fear. His legs shaking uncontrolably. Jorge felt sooooo bad for the poor arrested Lassie.

When the truck reached home, Lassie would not jump down. He put his feet into the crack made by the truck rear door and braced himself, his legs quivering with fear. Jorge again had to lift Lassie down to the ground. When Lassie reached the ground, he was his old self again. Sooooo happy to be back safe, in his own backyard.

Commandante Jaime gave Jorge a ride back to El Centro. What a morning! Wow!

11:30AM - The welder.
After Commandante Jaime Cota returned Jorge to El Centro, it was time to go shopping for groceries. Also this morning, a welder was to be found. The welder will cut up the steel plate in Chito's backyard and weld it over the open hole in the road.

It is an interesting thing to ask people for directions to a welding shop. Everybody knows a welder, but the instructions to go there may be a little wrong. Finally, after about an hour, we found a welding shop.

Juan the welder was not at home, but his wife Lupita said that he would return about 5PM. Lupita gave tired Jorge some water to drink. Then Jorge trudged back up the BIG hill with his groceries. Back inside MsTioga, Jorge took a long nap.
Juan's home and welding shop.

5:30PM - Juan the welder.
Little Mavicito and Jorge walked to the home and shop of Juan the Welder. Juan lives in Colonia Rancheria, just west of El Centro. We found Juan in his shop, and were surprised to learn that he is also a machinist! Juan said that he taught himself to use the horizontal mill that he is using in the pic below.

Jorge will return tomorrow at 5PM and Juan will drive to Chito's home to weld the steel cover over the open hole in our road
Juan the machinist and welder.


Location: Hilltop Camp, Santa Rosalia
Elevation: 115 meters