Monday, December 11, 2006

8AM - Lassie finds the capsule.
Dr. Fortunato, Lassie's veterinarian, has prescribed two antibiotic capsules in the morning and two in the afternoon. Jorge put each morning capsule in a piece of hotdog. Lassie ate the first hotdog, but found and spit out the capsule! Chito who was watching, went for another hotdog, which Lassie ate with the capsule.

11:30AM - Poinsettias.
We needed a few groceries and some insecticide for the ants that have been entering MsTioga. So, Little Mavicito and Jorge went down to El Centro. On the way home, we came upon a lady street vendor who was selling poinsettias.

Jorge bought a pot full of the poinsettias, and paid $80 pesos [$7.30US]. Walking back home, Jorge wondered if this price was too high? Maybe he should have negotiated?
Poinsettias in the garden.

2:30PM - Victor on the swing.
In the far corner of Chito's garden, under the lime tree, is a small swing and bench. Jorge had never been there before. This place is hidden by the tree. Jorge and Little Mavicito were sitting on the bench when Victor came home from school.

When Victor climbed on the swing, he was munching a hotdog which he gave to Lassie. Jorge asked if Victor had permission to give the hotdog to Lassie. Victor said that he did.

Later on Victor was scolded by his Grandfather Chito for feeding hot dogs to Lassie. By then, Victor had given Lassie three hotdogs!
Victor and Lassie.

3PM - Chito's day off.
Chito works six days a week. And today is his day off. Chito works very hard, even today. There are many home things to do. Only during the afternoon, is he able to rest a bit.
Chito resting on the walk between the kitchen and main house.

4PM - Victor gets a job.
The wind had kicked up quite a bit, when Jorge decided to clear out the stump of the cut down junko tree. The Team's saber saw is used for this job. Much easier than a handsaw.

Victor walked over and asked if he could work and make a little money. An agreement was reached that $5 pesos [46 centsUS] would be paid for picking up all the rocks in a certain area, and placing them near the little stone wall.

Later on, a new agreement was made for an additional $2 pesos, for Victor raking up the two garden paths.
Victor at work.

5AM - Capsule time for Lassie.
A pencil is pushed thru a hotdog to make a hole for Lassie's capsules. Jorge is not interested in Lassie's trick of spitting out the capsule. This new method works great!
Lassie takes his afternoon capsules.


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