Tuesday, December 12, 2006

8AM - Palm trees are stressed.
Uprooting and replanting the two palm trees has stressed them a lot. MsTioga believes that they should have all of their leaves trimmed back but one. All of the palm's energy will be used to sustain that one leaf, until new roots may grow.

9AM - Hole in the road.
Between the two water tanks is an access hole to a water company valve, which no longer is in service. It is an open hole, no cover.

MsTioga has been wanting that cover replaced. Last time she drove by, she touched the concrete tank trying to miss this hole

Little Mavicito spotted a big piece of steel near the swing at Chito's place, and asked permission to use it to cover the hole. Chito gave that permission.
Mr. Chips suggested that a welder be hired to cut the steel to size, and weld it to the hole's frame. What do you think about Mr. Chips' ideas?

10AM - Salmon patties for breakfast!
We decided to prepare salmon patties for breakfast this morning. Jorge's Mom gave him her recipe many years ago. Anne Lehrer's Salmon Patty recipe.

2PM - Tioga and Jorge talk about trying to fly.
MsTioga and George were talking this afternoon about changes, challenges and trying new things. What a tragedy if you lived your entire life not testing your wings. Only to find out in heaven that you were always able to fly, if only you had tried.

If Jorge had obeyed the, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it rule" as suggested in many email received lately, he would still be living in an apartment in Concord, Califonia. He would have never met MsTioga. There would have been no Adventure, no Blog. And you.....what would you be doing right now? Hmmmmm?


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