Wednesday, December 20, 2006

9AM - Little Mavicito discovers winter.
Breakfast had only begun, when Little Mavicito looked out of MsTioga's window and zipped outside taking pics like crazy. "Winter is here, winter is here", he shouted.
Does this look like winter to you?

9:15AM - Barci on the job.
Breakfast was still going on when Barci drove up in his truck accompanied by his nephew. We invited them inside MsTioga and Barci presented the bill for materials. Barci received the $6,420 pesos, and went to work.

It is apparently the custom here in Mexico for the customer to pay for the materials up front and the labor upon completion. That's how it was with Chito's new porch last April.

The store from which the materials were puchased is our favorite hardware/plumbing store in El Centro. We are very happy about that surprise.

Barci working on cable from meter to house.

11:15AM - Barci works fast!
Little Mavicito went to see what Barci was doing. Wow! Things are moving right along.
Running the conduit tube.

The new six breaker box goes on the wall.

And the old fuse box goes into the trash box.

There is a lot of tube bending and cutting.

The government does not require Barci to have a permit to do the work. All you need to be an electrician here in Baja California is knowledge.

2PM - Gloves for the garden.
Most of the plants that grow around the garden have sharp thorns. Yesterday, gloves were bought to protect against these thorns. With these gloves, branches, twigs and other garden things may be picked up without getting stuck.
Jorge shows off his new gloves.

Little Mavicito wondered why Jorge did not work longer in the garden everyday, to finish the job of clearing stuff.

MsTioga explained to Little Mavicito, "The important thing is to do a little work in the garden every single day. Over time, this adds up to a lot of work. This way work does not become a chore. You have to enjoy the work that you do each day, which means that you must take the time for that enjoyment."


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