Wednesday, December 13, 2006

9AM - Propane.
It has been colder lately, and MsTioga has been running her forced air furnace almost every nite. We have used much propane. Now is time to refill. So, we are going to see Alejandro at GasPasa.

Alejandro, the foreman.

Alejandro works eight hours per day, six days each week. These are the customary hours for workers in Mexico.

10AM - Mine gate is gone!
Last month when we arrived in Santa Rosalia, MsTioga noticed that the gate to the mine road was open. Today the gate is gone. Mr. Chips suggested that since the gate was not locked, it was fair game for somebody to take it and sell for scrap metal. Hmmmm?

Little Mavicito is jumping all around wanting to go up the mine road. For some reason, everybody else on The Team wants to go up the road too! So, MsTioga drives thru the open gate, and up toward the mines.

On this trip, we are not looking for the elusive Great Cumengite Crystal, as we were last winter. Now we are searching for cactus for our garden. And there are plenty good cactus too.

Jorge volunteers to go out and gather cuttings.

11:15AM - Electric power.
A reader told us that the electricity for Santa Rosalia was generated in a plant in the pueblo. On our way into town, we spotted the transformers on a hill next to the highway.
Santa Rosalia's electric plant.

11:30AM - Pemex.
Last year we had problems with Pemex. Do you remember when MsTioga was charged for a full tank, and only received 1/2 tank? Very bad.

So this time, Jorge using his newly acquired Spanish skills, went to have a little chat with the manager. While we were talking, our friend Chutín from the water company walked up, and shook Jorge's hand.

Hummmm, thought the Pemex manager, maybe I better not mess with this gringo. And MsTioga paid for the right amount of gasoline.
MsTioga at the Pemex.

Noon - Cutting trees.
Has MsTioga mentioned to you that she has problems driving the road near Chito's house? It is the trees that are the problem. They reach out to scratch MsTioga!

Today the plan is to cut back some of these trees.
Before cutting back.

After cutting! Pretty neat, huh?

2PM - Our cactus harvest.
After lunch, Little Mavicito went out to take a peek at the cactus brought back from our trip up the mine road. What do you think of them? Hmmmmm?

MsTioga's decision to publish once each day.
MsTioga has been giving a lot of thought to her decision to publish once each day, instead of several times a day as in the past.

As soon as Jorge published his annual goal for his 69th year, it was clear to her that a change must be made. Otherwise, Jorge's goal would be a false one, with only words and no substance.

Since the time when Jorge first created his Values and Goals back in 1993, the road to take has been clear. Before then, Jorge did not know where he was going, and any road took him there.

That is the power of creating a set of Values and Goals. Decisions become easier when it is known where to go, down our road of life.


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