Monday, December 04, 2006

7AM - What's going on with Tioga and George?
Lately Mr. Chips, Ms. GQ and Jorge have been working almost all day long together to redo their blog page. Jorge wrote an email to Reader Thomas about this subject this morning. Thomas kick-started Calendar Beta by completely re-working the code. We are sooooo thankful to Thomas. Didn't he do a great job?

Would you like to read that email? It is published in Readers Write:

9AM - We are sooooooo proud of Mr. Chips, Ms. GQ and Jorge.
The tremendous trio during the past week re-worked the Tioga George blog, creating a fresh new colorful look, while keeping the feel of our original page. This is what you wanted, right? We listen!

10AM - Our new Categorized Archives are working!
Mr. Chips figured out how to directly access each of the pages in our Categorized Archive drop down. And this morning, Jorge was able to put at least one link into each archive!

Take a peek, OK? This new archive routine gives The Team a new way to share the view of our journey across the west.

10:30am - Clickable header pics.
Have you noticed that the pics in our header are now clickable? Hmmmmm? Ms. GQ put up a pic of a breakfast prepared somewhere in the wilds of Utah last Spring. Have a bagel.

1PM - Blog is underlined.
Bounder Bob just emailed that our blog is underlined. We checked, and in Internet Explorer, it is underlined. Not in FireFox, however!

We have a link to the left side of our blog to download FireFox. Doesn't cost a cent. And, wise old Mr. Chips believes FireFox is much better and faster. We love those tabs.

Jorge tried to fix the underline bug. Uploaded an old version of his CSS file. Would not fix the bug. So, he decided to take the rest of the day off. See you tomorrow morning, OK?

7PM - Luis at MsTioga's.
Do you remember Luis, the student that Jorge taught to make a Blogger page? These two met at the library today, and Luis came over to MsTioga's to visit. Would you like to visit Luis' webpage?
Our friend Luis Canett at MsTioga's.

9PM - Reader and Team Tioga Calendar Project Blog Leader does it again!
Have you seen the underlined words today in our blog? The underline only came for users on the Internet Explorer browser. It was terrible to look at.

This evening, Thomas Thibodeau of Canada, who is MsTioga's Calendar Project leader, sent an email letting us know of a tiny code missing from our Blog template. It was a missing ending tag in an image statement!!

How Thomas, looking thru that mass of code in our template, picked up this tiny, but devastating error, we will never know. Five horn honks of appreciation from MsTioga!

You may recall that Thomas was primarily responsible for writing the code for our Calendar. Isn't Thomas a terrific guy? We are sooooo lucky to have him on our team, and all way from Canada too!


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