Sunday, January 14, 2007

10:30AM - Hard time posting because of the weather.
Mr. Datastorm's one watt transmitter has been unable to pierce the cloud cover this morning. Just a few minutes ago, the clouds allowed Mr. Datastorm to make a post.
Dark clouds and mid 50s°F this morning.

11:30AM - Buying wood for BBQ.
Yesterday afternoon while walking around El Centro with Reader Ivan, we met Vicente Villavicensio who had a truck load of wood for BBQs for sale. Jorge made an agreement to buy some wood, if Vicente would bring it to Chito's place.

This morning Vicente arrived, and an agreement was reached to buy the wood for $100 pesos [$9.20US]. Jorge asked Vicente if he knew anybody who was interested in doing some fence repair, and Vicente replied that he was interested.

Another agreement was reached for Vicente to return in about a week, to clean up the broken fence area near the two lime trees and dig four post holes for the fence. The agreed price is $300 pesos [$27US].
Wood for the BBQ.

4PM - Hughes Network Operations Center [NOC] must be down.
Mr. Datastorm has been trying all day long to get online. Only a few minutes ago, a crack in the clouds must have occurred over Germantown, Maryland, home of NOC.

5:30PM - Sundown view for comparison to this morning.
All morning there was a thick and dark cloud cover. The temperature clung in mid 50s°F. Then around noon, blue sky appeared as the clouds moved west.

Just a few minutes before we published this 5:30PM post, Mr. Datastorm got a clear signal to the internet! We have not been able to surf online all day long, nor receive or send email.

Little Mavicito and Jorge went out on the water tank again, and took the pic for you to compare to this morning, OK?
Blue sky near sundown.

6PM - Jorge is not feeling good.
Jorge believes that he might have developed pneumonia. Jorge caught something from Victor, which had the symptoms of flu in his chest. That was about a month ago, and that flu cleared up in about two weeks.

Since then, Jorge has been experiencing a very deep cough in his chest, which seems to be pneumonia like. Perhaps "walking pneumonnia." Tomorrow Jorge and Little Mavicito will go down to the hospital across from the museum, and see if a doctor will take a peek.


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