Wednesday, January 03, 2007

4AM - Chito electric project.
Over the past four days, $175 has been donated by readers to the Chito family. These donations go to pay for Varsy the electrician to completely replace the electric system! Only $459 more is needed to pay for everything!

Varsy has now completed all of the work except for inside the main house and the outside lights in the yard. He will be starting on the inside of the main house this morning.

5:30AM - The Team votes to have a contest!
This morning, MsTioga called for a Team Meeting. It was very early, and some team members were sort of sleepy. But everybody attended.

MsTioga wanted suggestions how to put some ooomph back into donations, which have dwindled to a snails pace. Wise old Mr. Chips suggested that we have a contest, and that contest will be for readers to submit reasons why donations should NOT be made.

That way we could find out why donations have dwindled to a snails pace. Here is how it would work. Readers who have not made a donation would send an email with the reason that they have not donated. For each email received, a chance to win a wonderful prize would be given. You may send as many emails as you wish. The more the better!

We have not decided what this wonderful prize will be yet, but that should not stop you from sending your email, OK? We shall publish information about the contest very soon. So send those emails right away!

You may find an email link at the bottom right of this post. Look for "Contact/Email".

11AM - Victor's stone wall project.
Victor is a very interesting guy. Only seven years old, but with a great deal of zest for life. Very inventive too! Today he made a small hammer out of wood using Jorge's sand paper block. Had a glued in handle too!

Victor decided to dig rocks out of the ground and use them to build the garden wall. He worked sooooooo hard for over an hour with the heavy pick bar and the new hoe. Victor moved a large brick section that weighs more than he does to the garden.

It is not clear why Victor does things. However, Little Mavicito loves to watch.

Victor uses the pick bar on a rock.

5PM - The water pump.
Chito uses a pump to move water to his water tank. All homes in Santa Rosalia use a water storage tank because the water company delivers only every other day.

The pump loses its prime, so Chito's friend who knows plumbing, moved the pump lower so that it would always keep its prime. Jorge built a small shelf for the pump to sit on, and installed it this afternoon.
The water pump's new shelf.

9PM - The soul is willing but the flesh is weak.
Jorge's goal for his 69th year is to seek a higher level of attainment. And Jorge's Health Value, declares that he will not overeat. Yet guess what Jorge is doing right at this moment?

Baking chocolate chip cookies! Of course baking cookies means tasting the dough, and sampling each batch as they come out of the oven.
But it is fun to bake cookies!


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