Thursday, January 25, 2007

5:30AM - MsTioga's forced air furnace.
Jorge and MsTioga were talking about maintenance this morning. MsTioga pointed out that her air return register was dirty. Close examination showed the register to be rusty too, so Jorge unscrewed the thing.

Little Mavicito, curious young camera that he is, was looking as Jorge removed the register, and sprung back in horror. The area behind the register was a horrid mess, filled with a thick layer of dust. The floor had some kind of a grey sticky stuff everywhere.

Little Mavicito began to snap pics, which MsTioga quickly put to a halt! "You are not going to show readers that horrid mess", said MsTioga!

Jorge then took off the small register for one of the four furnace ducts, and found the inside to be filled with a layer of dust. The duct is impossible to clean. It is only 3" in diameter, and snakes around. Jorge is thinking that he will take the furnace in for service, and have all four of the ducts replaced when we return to the USA in April.

8AM - MsTioga's routine maintenance.
Every couple of days, we take a look at MsTioga's "Auto Maintenance Pro" software, where her service records are kept. This morning the two batteries under her hood, anti-freeze coolant, power steering fluid and tire pressure are being checked.
Jorge airing up tires.

10AM - MsTioga's suspension repair.
Yesterday, Jorge made a deal with Kíno the mechanic who repaired Chito's axle, to return today to replace the worn rubber groumets in MsTioga's suspension system.

It took about two hours, and the job is done. $500 pesos [$46US]. The pic below was captured by Little Mavicito just after the work was completed.
Kíno and Martín, our mechanics.

1:30PM - Jorge's friend Michel.
Do you remember Jorge's friend Michael the Photographer [link]? We first met Michel on Gumaro's place which is called, "Rancho Boca del Salado." That was in early January, 2005. It was a very magic moment for Jorge, because Michel is a very special guy.

Michel decided that he would love to live in an RV like MsTioga and he bought a Lazy Daze. Now it is two years later. Michel and Jorge have kept close thru email. Jorge feels that his friendship with Michel is very strong.
Michel sets up at Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia.


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