Tuesday, January 09, 2007

7:30AM - Pruning the lime tree.
Chito has not been teaching his lime trees where to grow. As a result, that are growing wild. Two lime trees overgrew Chito's fence, and crushed it. A lovely nearby pomegranate tree is overgrown as well.

This morning Jorge pruned back most of the overgrowth. Many of the trees that grow around here have large needles growing on them. Jorge's arms have work wounds. But they heal fast.
The trimmed trees and broken fence.

In the pic below, Jorge is standing in front of the large pile of pruned lime tree branches which will be burned. Do you see Jorge's bright gold shirt? The shirt is a gift given yesterday evening by the family. Jorge also received a large Santa Rosalia drinking mug and key chain!
Jorge and the pruned lime tree branches.

The pic below has nothing to do with the story of today, but Little Mavicito insists that we publish it. Wow! For a tiny camera, he is soooooo demanding!
Last nite's supper.

2PM - El Centro.
Jorge and Little Mavicito went to El Centro to pickup the BBQ at Taller Josas, and found that the BBQ will not be ready until tomorrow morning.

On the way back, Little Mavicito remembered that Reader Tommy sent him an email.

On 8 Jan 2007 at 22:12, Tommy wrote:

"Hey little guy, the next time you wander down into town, could you take a few photo's looking back up to where Ms Tioga stays. I have wondered how the path is that the team takes into town and if you can see MsTioga from down there."

Here is the series of photos that Tommy requested. Each trail pic after the 1st is at a switchback. Do you see the grey block house near the top-right? The grey block house belongs to Mary Paz and her husband Armando and is at the end of the trail.

MsTioga is not visible from this side of the Big Hill. She is Camped on the other side of the trees at the top of the pic below.
The grey block house is at the end of the trail.

The pic below shows the grey block house a bit closer up. Do you see the lady walking on the trail?
Grey block house has two blue windows.

Beginning of the trail.

First switchback.

The house that you see in the 2nd switchback below is the home of "Manchiti", Victor's favorite dog. Victor always chooses this camino because of "Manchiti."
Second switchback.


The pic below is the 3rd and final switchback. The wall ahead is Mary Paz and Police Commandante Armando's wall. Just beyond the wall is the road below Chito's house.
3rd and final switchback.


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