Saturday, January 06, 2007

6:30AM - Varsy's the electrician's last day.
On Thursday, Jorge gave Varsy the electrician some new specifications. One was to add the new light pole on the path to the street. Little Mavicito showed you a pic of this pole yesterday. Another spec addition was to add two outlets, one in each bedroom for TV and other things. These new outlets replaced extension cords going thru doorways. And the last spec was to upgrade the cable quality for the three outside lights to a better weatherproof grade.

These three spec changes added $195US to the job. With today's donations of $135, we now have only $169 to go to be fully funded.

This is Varsy the electrician's last regular workday. He will install the new cables for the backyard lights. Next Tuesday, Varsy will return for a walk-thru inspection and receive payment for the balance of the job's cost.

During this weekend, the family will be able to find out if anything is missing. Jorge believes that the job will be complete after today's work. But if not, addtional work will be specified at that time.

Don't you think that the job went really well? Hmmmm? Chito and Jorge were talking yesterday afternoon about the old dangerous wiring. Chito is very grateful to all of you who supported this project with your donations.

The electric project together with the porch project that you supported last April, have improved the safety of the family's home by a large factor. If a hurricane or large storm came before the porch project, the roof may have been blown away destroying the house. The porch project tied the roof to the foundation. Without the electric project, the terribly old electric wiring could have burned the house down.

Chito and Alty understand these things very well, and are very grateful to you. Chito and Alty would have liked to pay for this work themselves, and understand well the limitations of their finances. All three adults in the family work 6-7 days each week to keep things together. There just is not anything left for the kind of work as the porch and electric project.
Señor Varsy installing the backyard cables.

8AM - U.S. Mail donations.
If you wish to send a donation by U.S. Mail, please send George an email, OK? Our email link is at the bottom of this post. Look for the "Contact/Email" link in the footer.

10AM - Victor cleans up.
Victor wants to earn some money working for Jorge, but today he has a surprise. Jorge wants Victor to pick the trash which is on his Grandfather's property.

Victor is not too happy about this turn of events in his career. Apparently, picking up trash is not considered very good work by young Victor, and he requires quite a bit of close supervision in order to do the job. Victor refuses to see the trash on the ground, even when it right beneath his feet.

Jorge is very much into getting Victor to understand the value of work. Even work as common a picking up trash that Victor has contributed to himself. However, Victor has a good sense of reality, and after about 30 minutes of trash picking, begins to see the trash himself, without Jorge pointing each piece out.

Victor receives $15 pesos for his work, not as much as usual, but considering that he is such a reluctant worker this morning, this seems to be the right price. Victor is delighted with his earnings. Now he has a $25 peso fortune in his pocket.

11:30AM - Shopping in El Centro.
Jorge has been thinking about a gift for Chito. It is a BBQ or asador in Spanish. Señor Varsy told Jorge about a place named Hnos. Josa that makes asdores that is close to Super Mercado Alba where Chito works. [Hnos. is short for hermanos, or brothers]

When Victor and Jorge reach El Centro, they first stop at Bancomer to get $5,000 pesos from the ATM. We must not forget to keep withdrawing money to pay Señor Varsy when he comes next Tuesday.

We then head up to Super Mercado Alba where Chito is working to find out where Hnos. Josa is located. Of course we do not tell him that we are going there to buy him a present. A new BBQ.

12 Noon - The new BBQ.
Hnos. Josa turns out to be a steel fabrication shop. We ask at a taco shop where Hnos. Josa is located, and find out that the man we asked is Marco, one of two brothers who own the shop.

Some discussions are made about the size of the BBQ desired. Jorge finds out that the BBQ is to be fabricated to specification. Hermano Marco makes a sketch on a piece of paper. A price is agreed upon. A pickup date is made for next Tuesday.

The BBQ will cost $500 pesos [$46US]. And it a made-to-order BBQ!
Victor in Hnos. Josa's steel fab shop.

4PM - Mr. Dometic having problems.
Late yesteday afternoon, the wind picked up. Very strong continuous gusts coming from the northeast. MsTioga has been shaking very hard for almost 24 hours. Around midnite last nite, even Mr. Datastorm took action and stowed himself to get out of the wind.

This morning Jorge noticed that Mr. Dometic's thermometer was reading 55°F, much too warm for food in the refrigerator section. Mr. Dometic reported that the wind was forcing his vent to send exhaust down, instead of up.

Quickly a Team Meeting was held, and MsTioga suggested moving to the lee side of Chito's yard. Immediately after the move, Mr. Dometic reported that he began to vent properly again, and his tubes which were cold before the move, began to warm up as they should.
MsTioga out of the terrible wind.


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