Wednesday, January 24, 2007

6AM - Jorge looks terrible!
Little Mavicito and MsTioga were having a conversation this morning.

Little Mavicito: "MsTioga, have you noticed that Jorge looks terrible lately?"

MsTioga: "What do you mean?"

Little Mavicito: "Jorge looks thin. His pants are so baggy now."

MsTioga: "They do look baggy."

Little Mavicito: "His jowls are gone too. He used to have a round face, now his face is thin, and his cute jowls are gone."

MsTioga: "You are right, Little Mavicito! It must be the coke thing."

Little Mavicito: "What do you mean, the coke thing?"

MsTioga: "Last summer, Jorge was having trouble buttoning his Levis. Jorge decided to STOP drinking coke in order to lose some weight. When we stayed near his son David's home in September, Jorge gave David two cases of coke that he had bought before."

MsTioga continued: "
I think that when Jorge lost some weight, he forgot to start drinking coke again. Then when we arrived here in Santa Rosalia, Jorge stopped eating chocolate bars. He did not stop eating cookies though! Hmmmmm?"

Little Mavicito: "Should we tell him that he looks terrible?"

MsTioga: "No, let him find out on his own. If we told Jorge how terrible he looks, it would just make him feel bad. You know how Jorge obsesses on stuff like that."
Are Jorge's pants baggy?

8:30AM - The fence project.
This morning Jorge worked on the fence project. Looking at the pic below, you may think that Jorge did not work much. However, Jorge is a very busy guy, and keeps on-the-go most of the day [when he is not resting or napping ].
Do you see the five slats on the right?

11AM - Haircut time!
We went down to El Centro to our favorite haircut place, "Estetica Carmen." We like Carmen's, because she is skilled, and does not overcharge. $50 pesos is the price for the haircut. [$4.50US]

After the haircut, Jorge went to "Pescaderia Los Cuates" and bought one kilo of Gruper fish for $140 pesos [$12.75US]. The going price for one kilo in the USA now is $25US for a kilo.

12 Noon to 4:30PM - Mechanic comes to fix Chito's axle.
Do you remember that we showed you a pic of Chito's CV [constant velocity] axle that broke last Saturday nite? Chito arranged for his pal Kíno the mechanic to come today. Actually, Kíno was supposed to start yesterday. Hmmmmm?

Kíno arrived with Martín, a mechanic who works for him and who actually performed most of the work. A used axle had been purchased in Ciudad Constitu
ción, south of here. New auto parts are difficult to obtain in Mexico, because they usually are only found in the USA.

After about three hours, parts have been transferred from the used axle to Chito's broken axle. In the pic below, the fixed axle is being installed. It cost $800 pesos for the axle job [$73 US].
Kíno and Martín install the axle.

Afterwards, a little beer fiesta went on for about an hour! From the left below: Kíno, Chito, Martín and Kíno's friend Nacho.

Note: Guys didn't smile when this pic was shot. They smile and have a great time before and after though!
The beer fiesta.


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