Thursday, January 04, 2007

6AM - We are getting sooooooo close!
Only $274 to go to completely pay for Señor Varsy's work to replace the entire electrical system in the home of Chito and Alty. Isn't that wonderful?

Yesterday, Señor Varsy worked in the kitchen. There will now be a light over the kitchen sink. Before there was only one light for the kitchen. Now, there will be four!

Jorge asked Señor Varsy to add a light to the little workroom. This is the room where the water pump is located. Since this light was not included in the specs for the job, we offered to pay more. But Señor Varsy declined to accept! And, not only did he add a light with its own switch, he added a switched circuit for the pump and an outlet especially for MsTioga to plug into!

Isn't that the greatest thing? We are sooooooo happy!

7AM - We are all winners!
At our Team Meeting this morning, we had a BIG discussion about the Chito Fund Contest. It was suggested by wise old Mr. Chips, that everybody was a winner when it came to doing good things for Chito and his family.

Whether you donated or not, you are a winner! Just come down to Santa Rosalia, and Jorge will personally escort you all around the Pueblo. Show you all of the special things! Show you the wonderful places to eat, those out-of-the-way places that tourists know nothing about!

8AM - Victor moves the bricks and rocks.
Jorge and Ms. GQ were still working on their webpages, when they heard a sound outside. It was Victor moving the large section of a brick wall that he began moving yesterday.
Victor moves the brick wall.

But then Victor spotted a rock that Jorge tried to remove from the garden early this morning. Victor decided to move that rock first. A task that soon proved impossible.
Victor giving the rock move his all.

10AM - Lassie's last walk.
Jorge wants to buy a valve for the water pump in Chito's yard. Victor wants to go too, and so does Lassie. The three of us are walking down the little path to El Centro. The path is pretty steep, and there are rocks too, so footing is tricky.

Lassie spotted a tiny puppy wearing a cute sweater, and decided to lunge at it. Down went Jorge, who was not hurt, but very disappointed in Lassie.

This was Lassie's last walk. He cannot be trusted, and will have to remain in the yard.

10:30AM - Señor Varsy in El Centro.
After returning Lassie to his yard, Victor and Jorge went down to El Centro. They bought the valve for the water pump, and went to do some shopping at Super Mercado Cachanía. What a surprise to find Señor Varsy inside the grocery replacing a light ballast!
Señor Varsy in Super Mercado Cachanía.

Note: We have been writing Señor Varsy's name incorrectly. We have written "Barci." However, this afternoon we asked for Varsy's phone number, and found out the correct spelling. We will go back and correct this mistake.

3PM - Why doesn't Jorge donate?
Several emails have been received wondering why my name does not appear in the Chito Fund donate list. The reason is, that I do not donate to myself.

However, I do pay for many repair items necessary for Chito's home. Here are my expenses for Chito since I arrived in Santa Rosalia:
  • November $66.94
  • December $189.55
  • January $59.74


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