Friday, January 19, 2007

7:30AM - Best weather day in a week.
This morning some blue sky is visible, and there is no wind. Jorge will likely have to spend the day inside MsTioga, because it is not too warm outside, only about 50°F.

This bronchial infection that has been plaguing for about a month, may be starting to clear. Staying inside seems to be the thing to do.

8AM - Readers send email how to improve readership.
If I receive five email on a subject, there are likely 1,000 readers thanking about that subject. Lately I've been getting email about how to improve readership. There seems to be some mystery in some reader's minds, about what I choose to write about. So let me explain, OK?

Take this morning for example. The post below this one is about cleaning MsTioga's carpet. Once I decide to clean the carpet, I take a pic of me cleaning, and then write a story about it.

It never occurs to me to wonder if readers will be interested in me writing a story about my cleaning MsTioga's carpet? [And then wonder further] "Maybe instead of a story about cleaning carpets, I should walk down to the harbor and take pics of fishing boats and write about that?"

I simply write about whatever I am doing. My life is not a stage play, with rewrite options.

8:30AM - Cleaning MsTioga's carpet.
MsTioga's carpet was bought at a hardware store in 2003 and is a carpet runner. This carpet is coming on to four years old, and still looks great because it is kept clean. Not immaculately clean. We just make sure that stains are removed. The cleaning process is one of spot cleaning. A small wet brush is used to scrub the carpet. Very quickly we clean the brush at the sink, and then continue to scrub. This process takes up the sand and dirt better than a vacuum.

Our friend Michel the photographer is coming to visit this weekend, and we want MsTioga to look clean for that visit.
Jorge doing MsTioga's carpet.

11AM - Propane run.
MsTioga says that she needs propane. After Jorge eats breakfast, we take off down the Big Hill.
First thing that happens is Jorge bumps MsTioga's right side against the wall near the water tank. Same place on MsTioga as Jorge bumped before. Jorge will not let Little Mavicito take a pic of the bump!

The ride on the highway is beautiful. A blue sky, no wind over the Sea of Cortez. On the way back, MsTioga suggests stopping at the harbor to let Little Mavicito make a pic. So we stop.
The harbor. Do you see MsTioga?

1:30PM - Shopping and then back up the BIG hill.
We go grocery shopping, especially for fruits which Jorge says he needs. We buy some real butter, mozerella cheese, grapefruit juice and some Chicken Rice-A-Roni, which is rarely sold here in the Pueblo!

Jorge stops at the Ar-Ya-No Hardware Store for some bolts for the fence repair. Vicente, the owner of Ar-Ya-No invites Jorge to go with him to the Tiro Williams Mine. Vicente owns some land there. Jorge accepts, but only when he is feeling better.

Note: Tiro Williams Mine is the subject of the mural on MsTioga's outside right wall.

4PM - Putting top post on fence.
The day was too gorgeous. The fence called out to Jorge, and he could not resist. About an hour later, all of the top posts are in place. Jorge used a string to locate these top posts at the same level.

The rest of the fence is like an erector set. Just cut up the parts and assemble. Wow! Love this stuff.

Little Mavicito captures the fence at sundown.


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