Saturday, January 20, 2007

7:30AM - Chuparosas love our flower.
When we first bought our hummingbird feeder, we called the hummingbirds "colibrí". Our neighbors who came to see these birds eating at the plastic flower often called them "chuparosa", which means "suck from a rose". We like the sound of "chuparosa" better now, and that is what we call these little birdies.

This morning we changed the sugar water for the chuparosas. There was enough water left for two more days. But bees and other insects enter the flower to feed, then drown. Their bodies float around in the water, and it looks dirty. So we cleaned out the flower and put in fresh sugar water.

Zillions of chuparosa come to eat at the flower everyday. They chase each other around, and play bird games. It is sooooo much fun to watch them.
Jorge putting the flower back after cleaning.

10:30AM - Buying lumber for the fence.
Close to Hill Camp, and just below Mesa Francia, is the company "Maderas Y Materiales" owned by Sergio Peralta and his family. We buy all of wood from Señor Sergio. This morning we made a sketch plan of the fence to determine lumber needed.
Maderas Y Materiales.

Jorge and Little Mavicito arrived to find Sergio talking with his wife, Hilda. During the week, Hilda manages the office. This morning is Saturday, and she was keeping her husband company.
Sergio and Hilda.

Jorge ordered the lumber, and then had a very nice conversation with Sergio and Hilda about many things. Just before we left, Sergio promised that his truck would deliver our lumber this afternoon.

11:30AM - Heading back to Hill Camp.
As Jorge and Little Mavicito headed back up to Hill Camp, Little Mavicito said, "Jorge, your Spanish was very good when you were speaking with Sergio and Hilda." Jorge replied, "Thank you Little Mavicito! That is a very nice compliment!!"

For the past three months, the road along Mesa Francia has been under reconstruction. The work proceeds slowly, because machines are not used, only the labor of men. Little Mavicito wanted to stop and look, so we did.

"Why do the men use tools to do the work, Jorge? Why don't they use machines?", asked Little Mavicito. Jorge replied, "Here in Mexico, it may cost less to pay several men to do a job slowly, than one man and a machine doing the same job very fast."
Digging the street by hand.

12:30PM - Lumber delivery.
The old truck from Maderas Y Materiales came up the road with our lumber. We watched as it lurched along the deep ruts in our road.

We wrapped Lassie's chain around a tree so that he would not bother the deliveryman with barking and biting.
Lumber for the fence.


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