Monday, January 08, 2007

7:30AM - Straight from MsTioga's heart.
Good morning! This is MsTioga typing at you. Are you as happy as I am about the wonderful generousity of our readers? Hmmmmm?

As of this morning, 101 readers donated $3,816US to fully fund Chito's electric project.

Every single electrical cable on Chito's property has been replaced. And that means that the family home is protected from electrical fire.

Little Mavicito took this pic of me smiling at you. I know that my mouth does not look like it is smiling, but it is a GIANT smile! Because I am sooooo proud of you!
MsTioga's GIANT smile.

12 Noon - "Don't go there, Jorge!"
It is time for a late breakfast. But first, Jorge sits in MsTioga's driver seat and looks out at his garden. Jorge likes the view from MsTioga's new parking place near Chito's fence.

Jorge is thinking about how beautiful is the garden, and he worries what it will look like next year when he returns? Suddenly, MsTioga's voice booms out! "Don't go there, Jorge!", says MsTioga. "To think about the future in that way is very bad. Anxiety, worry and sadness live in that kind of thinking", says MsTioga.

Jorge quickly pulls himself back into the now of time. He knows that the only place for him to live is where the past meets the future. That special instant, The Now of Time. Jorge forgot for a few moments, but his pal MsTioga, never forgets!
View of the garden from MsTioga's driver seat.

4PM - Getting Varsy's money.
Tomorrow morning is when Varsy the electrician comes to be paid. Jorge withdraws each day the maximum from the ATM at Bancomer, $5,000 pesos [$460US].

After getting today's money, Little Mavicito noticed the taxi line across the street, and took the pic below. There are always at least five taxis, and at busy times, maybe 15. It costs $35 pesos [$3.25US] to go from El Centro to Hill Camp.
The taxi line in El Centro.


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