Wednesday, January 17, 2007

7AM - Breaking Bloggers grip.
I would love to break away from Blogger and first started seriously thinking about what that meant a couple of months ago. That was when Blogger "lost" my first blog, begun in 2003.

Just yesterday, Blogger support wrote an email which read "...we cannot find your blog or its images." Wow! If you look at my blog's archives in 2003, most of them do NOT have images, and this is the reason why. I am trying to republish these images. However, each image takes a lot of time to republish. It will take awhile to accomplish this task.

While restoring images, I began to think what my story would look like, if not constrained by the limits of Blogger. One of the things that I would change, is the header image.

Click this link, and it will take you to the first page of what that would look like, OK? Jorge changed all of the pages thru the month of 2003 May.

9:30AM - It just won't burn!
Over an hour ago, Jorge and Little Mavicito went out to burn the rubbish pile. Remember that yesterday, the wind kicked up and prevented burning.

Today, the rubbish would not burn. It was hard to bet the dry stuff to begin to burn and once burning, slowly went out. Wow!

Little Mavicito told MsTioga that Jorge said to himself, "I would need a blow torch to burn this stuff!"
The trees that would not burn.

11AM - MsTioga interviews Jorge about readership and AdSense.
This is MsTioga writing to you. Jorge has asked me to interview him about all the fuss with readers that has happened over the past several weeks. He also wants me to ask him about AdSense income.
MsTioga interviews Jorge.

MsTioga: "Hi, Jorge. What has happened to readership since all of this stuff happened some weeks ago?"

Jorge: "Readership dropped from about 2,200 visits per day to 1,750 per day and stayed there. A week ago, readership began to climb back up again, and is now at 1,950 visits per day."

MsTioga: "Why did readership fall? And, why did readership jump up?"

Jorge: "Some readers did not like us staying put in Santa Rosalia. These readers like it when we are on the go. They stopped visiting for awhile. Perhaps some readers who left returned. Maybe they like to read us after all."

Jorge continues: "Also, when I announced that I would only publish once each day, readers stopped tuning in. I quickly resumed publishing several times a day, when I realized that I missed doing that."

MsTioga: "What happened to our AdSense income during this period?"

Jorge: "AdSense income has dropped in half. AdSense income before all of this started was about $40/day. Now it is about $20/day."

MsTioga: "How do you feel about this income drop?"

Jorge: "I would like the income to go up again. But wherever it lands, we will be fine."

MsTioga: "Jorge, before this interview, you told me that you had a special message to readers about AdSense income. What is that message?"

Jorge: "I am asking readers who are clicking on AdSense ads solely to help me, to stop clicking for that reason. If you really are interested in something that you see on an AdSense ad, that is fine, click on the ad."

MsTioga: "Some will believe that you are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Why are you doing this?"

Jorge: "Advertisers pay for all the click money that I receive. I feel that they should get BANG for their bucks. It is not right for me to receive income if there is no chance of a sale."

MsTioga: "What will happen if our AdSense income falls terribly low?"

Jorge: "Whatever happens, we will be fine. As I have come closer to achieving the values as written in my Values-and-Goals, I have found more strength to do what is right about this situation with AdSense clicking solely to help me out."

MsTioga: "I do not know, Jorge. This sounds to me like a pretty scary thing to do. Are you sure that you want me to publish what you told me about AdSense?"

Jorge: "Yes, my friend MsTioga! I am sure.

4PM - Tired all day long.
The medicine that Jorge is taking for his bronchial infection has side effects. One of them is that it produces drowsiness. Just about the time this drowsiness wears off, it is time to take more medicine.

The coughing still remains, but is less severe. Jorge says, "I do not feel good when I am sick!"

4:30PM - Email about AdSense ad clicking.
Email from Reader Gradene:

I appreciate your concerns about adsense ads and I think that you are taking the moral high ground but the power is in my hands and I like poking those ads whether or not I'm going to buy something. So the responsibility is mine not yours.

Relax and have some more cookies.

Best Regards,

6PM - Alty knocks on MsTioga's door.
Alty said, "I was worried about you, because you did not come to see me today." I always go to say hello.

Alty asked how I was doing? Do I feel better? I answered, "Yes, I feel better. But I feel very tired all day. Maybe the medicine makes me sleepy? I have slept much of the day"

Alty said, "When the sun is gone, as it is today, I feel sad. The sky is so grey."

After Alty went back to her home, MsTioga commented, "I feel sad too. We did not even see a sunset this afternoon!"

A few minutes later, Alty returned carrying a cup of hot chocolate for me and an empaƱda [fried pie]. I gave Alty all of my peanut butter cookies.

Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmm?


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