Tuesday, January 02, 2007

7AM - Budget and trip plan.
Mr. Chips and Ms. GQ have just published our budget for the year ending 12-31-2006.

They also published two months of our 2007 Trip Plan, which has a new format. Each new month will be listed at the top of the page, in reverse chronological order. Also, included in the 2007 plan are links to prior trip plans.

Click on "Home" in the footer below to read these two pages. The budget is in the "Behind The Scenes" section. The 2007 Trip Plan is linked on the left side of our Home Page.

8AM - Thoughts about email received.
Readers have wondered how Chito and his family feel about the electrical project for their home. Alty (wife) has spoken to me about this subject many times.

Alty and her family are very grateful to all of you who have donated your money to help them. Alty wishes that she did not have to depend on others. She would prefer that her family be able to do these things themselves. However, Alty is a realist, and understands the economic difficulties faced by her family.

Negative email.
I would like to relate to you how I personally feel about negative email that I receive. Readers know about this negative email, because I have published some of them in my Readers Write column.

I welcome such email. Firstly, I want to know how readers feel about my webpages. But even more important to me, is that receiving such negative email helps me soooooo much with my Consideration Value. Especially Goal #4.

9AM - Thoughts about Mexico.
Many readers email me about their feelings of Mexico and the Mexican people. Very often these email contain misconceptions. Crime is one common misconception. Readers have a tendency to read a news story about a murder here in Mexico, and paint in their minds a picture of rampant crime everywhere. These same readers may completely discount crime and murder in their own city.

There is very little crime here in Santa Rosalia, compared to towns in the United States of which I am personally familiar. This observation applies to other pueblos and cities along the Baja Peninsula. Even crime in the famous Tijuana, is in my opinion, greatly enhanced in the minds of American readers.

Cultural stuff.
The cultures of Mexico and the United States have much to learn from each other. For example, the people of Mexico have a live and let live attitude. You may see this in the Mexican attitude toward hard times. Mexicans accept things like muddy roads, electricity going out many times during a day, and using the little rocky paths going past their homes in order to go shopping. Mexican people are very tolerant about completing construction projects. If it is not completed this year, next year is fine.

All of these Mexican culture traits are covered by a blanket of tranquility and peace. A very pleasant thing indeed, is tranquility!

The people of the United States are quite different. When building a home, an American wants to start the project and complete it exactly on time. Becomes very upset when things do not go as planned. If there is an unrepaired pothole in the road near your home, that pothole is likely to be the subject brought up by you at the next City Council meeting.

When electric power in your home goes out and you try to phone the power company about the problem, you likely will not be able to get thru with your phone call. Because 100,000 or more of your fellow citizens may be clogging up the phone lines trying to get the thing done. And done fast. Americans do not have a live and let live attitude. Americans have a "let me show you how it should be done" attitude.

Americans question things. Mexicans tolerate things. Americans are in a hurry. Mexicans take their time. Americans want a newer car, and better home. Mexicans want a tranquil day. Americans [in my opinion] have money as a major value. Mexicans have tranquility as a major value.

Note: You may have noticed that I have placed NO judgments on any of the traits of American and Mexican people. I have placed no judgments for a reason. That reason is that I value the traits of both American and Mexican people.

Learning from each other.
It is my opinion, that both Mexicans and Americans have much to learn from each other. Mexicans would be well served to adopt some of American's get it done on time and on schedule attitude. Americans would benefit greatly by embracing a live and let live mentality.

Especially Americans would benefit by moving over their major value of money toward one of tranquility. And Mexicans would benefit as well by moving closer to the middle themselves. Tranquility is fine, but sometimes a person has to stop accepting things, and work hard to change for what you know is right.

11AM - Victor and Jorge go for a ride.
It is time to go buy more propane. Little Mavicito thought that it would be a great idea for his friend Victor to come with us. Victor of course was as excited as could be about this idea.

MsTioga drove us to the the company where Victor's Mom, Nereyeda works as a cashier. Nereyeda gave approval, so off we went.

First we went to Lavanderia Amalia to drop off Jorge's laundry. We went to one of the Agua Purificada stores and filled up on fresh drinking water. Then, it was off to Gaspasa, to fill MsTioga's propane tank.

12:00Noon - Camping in the desert.
MsTioga wanted to go looking for more cactus up the Amelia Mine road, so, after she filled her propane tank, off we went to find cactus. MsTioga made her Camp at the place where the ancient mine train station was located.

We found some nice cactus volunteers in the desert.
A Cardon cactus volunteer.

12:30PM - Tuna salad lunch.
MsTioga suggested that she prepare a tuna salad lunch. Victor and Jorge ate their tuna salad on Streit's Matzos. Isn't that fantastic? Kosher matzos out in the desert.

Moses who led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt would have been soooooo happy to know about this.
Victor & Jorge eating tuna salad on matzos.

1:30PM - Victor takes a nap.
After lunch, Victor was sleepy and asked for a pillow to take a nap.
Nap time.

2PM - Reader asks for mine coordinates.
A reader asked Mr. Datastorm if he were out near the mines, please publish the coordinates so that he would be able to know the mine location. So, here are coordinates!

Historical comment: This map link takes you to the location of the old mine train station. Steam locomotives chugged up here to load up with copper ore to take back to Santa Rosalia for processing.

The rails, and almost all that existed back in those mining days are gone. Scavengers took anything that could be sold, and removed it over the years. However, are you able to imagine what would have happened if somehow the old railroad could have been saved? Millions of tourists each year would now be flocking to Santa Rosalia to "ride the mine trains!"

10PM - Please forgive us for not publishing about donations.
Jorge and MsTioga are just too sleepy to publish about the donations sent for the Chito Fund and the electric project today. Please forgive us, OK?

We promise to publish tomorrow first thing. And MsTioga will not forget to send her famous GIANT hug thank you email to each person who donated to the Fund.


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