Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9AM - Moving the pomogranate tree.
Chito said that it could not be done, and now it's done. Jorge moved the pomogranate tree back so it will clear the fence.
Rope leverage used to pull back pomogranate tree.

In the pic below, you may see that the pomogranate tree now is behind the fence.
Pomogranate tree behind fence line.

11AM - Burning the trees and shrubs.
It is a perfect day for burning. There is no wind. We were able to start the fire, and then found that the lime trees were too green to burn.
Lime trees too green to burn.

12Noon - Time for breakfast.
Why haven't we used garlic before? Because we found it too difficult to remove the skin. Now however, it is soooooo easy to remove the skin. Jorge uses garlic on nearly everything.
Garlic with eggs is wonderful.

Note about garlic: Cut off ends. With a knife, make a shallow cut on the flat side the length of the garlic. Using your thumb nail, peal back the skin which now comes off like magic! I found out by accident recently.

3:30PM - MsTioga changing oil and getting greased.
This afternoon, MsTioga is going to Chito's mechanic friend Chicho for a lube job and oil change.
Chicho the mechanic.

Visit to Volcan Tres Virgenes.
Just next door to Chicho's place, is the office that supervises the Volcan Tres Virgenes [Volcano Three Virgins] geothermal power plant [See 2007 Trip Plan].

We will ask permission to go to the power plant, and if granted will be leaving this afternoon for an overnite visit.

6PM - Camped near the Volcano!
If you want to see how close we are to the giant volcano, click on the "Google Anchor Link" below.

Jorge is starving! After supper, we will come back and post pics of our journey and tell you all about it, OK?

10PM - Wow! That was a long supper!
After supper, there came a nap. A 2-1/2 hour nap! That is why we are publishing these pics at 10PM.

Below is the turn-off from Highway #1 to Volcan Tres Virgenes.
Tres Virgenes road.

Below is pic of the Three Virgins along the road to the Volcano.
Three Virgins.

We passed by some of the power plant locations. They were in the distance at the foot of the volcano. Steam was venting from three places.

MsTioga was surprised to find a chain across the road. This is past the volcano, as you may see from the Google Map [link below]. We feel that the blocked road will be open in the morning. MsTioga backed up a bit, and found a place to Camp.
Our Nite Camp with a gorgeous sky.


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