Saturday, January 13, 2007

7AM - Little Mavicito's study of Chito's electric project.
Little Mavicito has received several emails from Readers, asking for pics of electrician Varsy's work done on Chito's house and property. We on The Team believe this to be a great suggestion. The home will be open this morning, because the chamacos [kids] are not in school. Perfect time for Little Mavicito's camera study!

Mr. Chips, The Team's wise old computer, just balanced out Chito Fund accounting. Mr. Chips wants you to know that after a small currency exchange adjustment, the fund closed with a $53US surplus.

"Thank you soooooooo much to all of you who supported the Chito Electric project with fantastic geneousity! $4,016US was donated by (102) Readers! Isn't that amazing?"

7:30AM - Tioga George Help Others Fund.
Awhile back, Readers Jim Heath and Gene Fischer suggested a help fund to do for others what we have done for the Chito Family. We have thought a lot about this idea, and today have established the "Tioga George Help Others Fund."

You will find a Donation Button for the "Help Others Fund" in the left column. The idea is, that when MsTioga and George come across those who we might help, no matter where, that this fund will be used for that purpose.

Thank you soooooo much, Jim Heath and Gene Fischer!

11AM - New garden things.
Before and after breakfast, Jorge and Little Mavicito spent some time in the garden. Rock borders were moved. And new plants planted.

The pic below is one of our "fruteria bushes" which produce tiny berries that look and taste like tomatoes. Our rock border around this fruteria bush is nicer now.
Rock border around fruteria.

Below the fruteria bush we have planted some vegetables. Can you guess what these new vegetables are?
Three garlic and many onion plants are growing.

The Cardon cactus that Victor and Jorge captured in the desert near the mine train station a couple of weeks ago, has now found its home!
Cardon cactus in the east garden.

1PM - Camarón for lunch!
We were in El Centro doing grocery shopping and came to a truck that sells camarón [shrimp]. We love shrimp! This truck is always there during the day, but we had never looked at the shrimp before.

There are three sizes of shrimp, from small to large. They are packed in kilo plastic bags and kept in ice filled chests. We bought one bag of the middle size, which costs $140 pesos [$12.75US].

Back at MsTioga's, we washed the shrimp and repacked them. Afterwards, we had (7) seven bags of ten shrimp each. Wow! Jorge could not wait, and prepared a shrimp lunch. Three of the shrimp were breaded and fried, the others were sauteed in butter with garlic.
Our wonderful shrimp lunch!

1:30PM - Reader Ivan comes to call!
Ivan knocked on MsTioga's door just as lunch was finished. We offered to share, and Ivan declined.

Ivan had tried to visit The Team last year and missed us. We were visiting the Gumaro Rancho Boca del Salado at that time. After lunch, Jorge walked with Ivan down the camino past the home where puppy Machití lives [he wasn't out] and around El Centro.
Reader Ivan.

6PM - Chutín and Lupe's 25th wedding anniversary.
Do you remember that Jorge and Little Mavicito were invited for Chistmas Dinner at the home of our friend, Chutín the water guy? During that dinner, Chutín and his wife Lupe invited us to their 25th wedding anniverary ceremony to renew their vows.

We arrived promptly at 6PM. There were only a few people at the Igelsía de Díos en Mexíco [Church of God in Mexico]. We are getting the feeling that when an event is scheduled to start at a certain time, it actually does not get started until an hour later. Hmmmm?
Lupe and Chutín.

Renewing the vows.

9PM - Hot dog and taco carne asada.
A fiesta for Chutín and Lupe is being held at the Salón in El Centro. Little Mavicito and Jorge decided not to attend, and went instead to get one of those bacon wrapped hot dogs at Chuyíta's cart. Afterwards, we walked around the corner and got a taco carne asada at the taco cart that is always there. Afterwards, we returned back home to MsTioga's for the nite.


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