Sunday, January 07, 2007

7AM - The terrible wind.
This is the 3rd day of the terrible wind. It comes in gusts, moving the trees violently. MsTioga now Camped alongside Chito's backyard, is protected a great deal by the fence and line of trees on the hill to the northeast.

Mr. Dometic, our noble refrigerator has worked his temperature down during the nite to an acceptable 41°F. You may remember that the wind prevented Mr. Dometic from exhausting properly, and his temperature went up to astounding 55°F yesterday.

7:30AM - Disappointed hummingbirds.
Our hummingbird friends were sitting around in the garden tree this morning, close to their empty feeder. They were all very sad. Apparently Jorge forgot to check, and the feeder has no food! Wow!

A new batch of sugar water is now cooling on MsTioga's stove. As soon as it is cool enough, the feeder will be filled and the hummingbirds will be smiling again!
Hummingbirds have no breakfast this morning!

8:00AM - Only $75 to go in the Chito Fund!
This morning we posted $95 in donations received for Chito's electric project. Only $75 to go and the electric project will be fully funded!

Scott McKinnon made his 3rd donation, and Alan Robinson his 2nd. Man-O-Man!

10:30AM - Invited for lunch.
Alty invited Jorge for Sunday lunch. It is necessary to bake cookies to bring as a present. Ana Karen and her brother Victor come to help. But they are playing around a lot while the cookies are baking and Little Mavicito took these pics. The wire thing is the stovetop grill

BTW, Ana looks older in this pic than her actual 9-year age. Her Mom bought her a kids makeup kit for Christmas, and she has been messing around with it. This is the result.

Ana Karen (9) and her brother Victor (7).

4PM - Wind beats up hummingbird feeder.
All day long, the hummingbird feeder endured the terrible wind. Swung this way and that, sometimes striking the tree itself, all of the sugar water was spilled out.

Wise Old Mr. Chips suggested moving the feeder out of the wind. Jorge attached a piece of wood to Chito's fence. After preparing new sugar water, the hummingbird feeder was placed in its new home.

We wonder how long it will take for the hummingbirds to find the feeder again?
Note: The hummingbirds found the feeder in only 30 minutes!
Do you see our garden?


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