Tuesday, January 23, 2007

7AM - The Water Barrier.
About a week ago, Reader/Friend Janet G. emailed suggesting a Water Barrier to thwart the carpenter ants that figured out how to walk over vaseline to our hummingbird flower. Several other readers suggested the same. This morning with these huge ants become more and more innovative, we took up the water barrier idea.

The barrier consists of a plastic paint cap which is a cup within a cup. Instead of water, we are using motor oil which is in the outer cup. The suspension wire goes thru the inner cup.

In the pic below, there is a hummingbird feeding at the same time that Little Mavicito takes his pic. The bird is hiding on the other side of the flower.
Water barrier.

10AM - Jorge works on the fence.
It is time for the top rail. The fence is looking pretty good. The top rail is straight and level!
Jorge installs the top rail.

Chito borrowed our pruning shears to cut back the flowering trees near his porch. In this pic, Chito clears his yard of the cut off branches from his two lime trees.
Chito works while Lassie looks.

4PM - Removing the rusty nails.
Here in Mexico, the hardware stores sell deck screws, and Jorge is using such screws to build the fence. The men of Mexico far prefer nails. And there are a zillion bent and rusty nails in the fence's wood. These rusty nails must be removed and safely discarded before the wood is usable.

The existing fencing is made from a far superior wood than may be purchased here in the Pueblo. This wood was imported during the 1920s from northwest United States, so the story goes. Jorge will use as much of this wood as possible. Jorge believes that the fencing is redwood.
Removing the rusty nails.


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